• Cut, doll for fishing net Ø200-230 (150х12 cells)

Cut for fishing net (93.5x3 tex) - 0.8mm thickness


A cut for the net is needed for fishermen who are used to making their own complex double-walled or three-walled nets. To speed up this process, we recommend purchasing a finished cut from nylon thread, which is necessary for industrial fishing. This is an indispensable tackle in fisheries and artels, as well as for fishing in their own ponds.

If a person uses these products for poaching purposes, then the buyer is responsible for this. If you are an amateur fisherman, a cut of 25-30 m is enough, it all depends on the size of the reservoir and the volume of your fish farming.


Why do we need a cut for the fishing net? 

Cutting the net is necessary for the manufacture of double-walled or three-walled fishing nets. Unlike single-walled fixed nets, they have a complex structure, and if they are improperly manufactured or installed, they often become confused. Such nets consist of a small web, which is surrounded by cuts, that is, a mesh with large cells. These two blanks have different heights: for example, a particle is 1.5-2 times higher than the cut. This is done so that the fish, getting into the net, easily dragged through the reservoir and fell into the formed pocket. After which it is very difficult for her to get out, because the net does not just fish, but she gets entangled in it. Therefore, the people call such tackle "prostitutes." 

Cuttings for the fishing net have cells ranging in size from 170 to 400 mm. Made from:

  •        twisted nylon thread. It does not undergo decay processes, withstands a large load, resistant to damage during frequent bending, is not so confused as a fishing line, has an increased tensile ability, can increase in length without losing shape, which indicates its elasticity;
  •        monofilament or, in other words, fishing line. May be twisted or plain. Used to increase the level of permissible load. Suitable for use in any reservoirs, but most of all - for fishing in dirty and muddy waters.

The mesh size will depend on the diameter of the mesh cell. That is, the smaller it is, the less will be the smaller cells. The main rule: that they should not be the same size, because the piece is designed to catch small fish, and cut - for larger species.


Cut for the fishing net in the assortment of the online store "Sete Snasti"

 We cut to the fishing net we offer to purchase in the online store "Sete Snasti". Despite the wide range of ready-made nets, amateur fishermen and professionals make fishing gear on their own. So a person can be confident in the quality and their capabilities. It is often cheaper to make gear than to buy.

To do this, you need to use high-quality finished canvases from fishing net materials. Specialists of our online store offer to purchase a cut for the tex 93.5x3 fishing net. This is a net cloth made of nylon thread with a mesh size of 230 mm and a tex 93.5x3 thread thickness of approximately 0.8 mm. They are used for the manufacture of industrial nets. Ready cut significantly speeds up the production of the net. Previously, they were knitted manually from a thread or fishing line. This is a laborious and rather complex process, so if you do not have the skills and sufficient experience, it is better to cut into the net at a reasonable cost from a reliable seller.


Before purchasing accessories, determine the following items:

  •          what kind of fish is caught and what weight;
  •          pond size;
  •          depth at which the fishing net will be installed.

Important characteristics of the fabric that you should pay attention to are the height, diameter of the cell, the length of the fishing net and the diameter of the thread. Length and height are indicated in a taut state. By choosing the right cuts for the net and other materials for making gear, you can ensure a good catch of fish.

Characteristics Material - Nylon; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Cut, doll for fishing net Ø200-230 (150х12 cells)

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  • Product Code: Пореж, кукла для рыболовной сети Ø200-230 (150х12 ячей)
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Cut, doll for fishing net Ø200-230 (150х12 cells)

Cut, doll for fishing net Ø200-230 (150х12 cells)

Cut for fishing net (93.5x3 tex) - 0.8mm thickness   A cut for the net is needed for fis..

800.00 грн.