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One of the ancient devices for fishing is considered a fishing net. Even at the dawn of the occurrence of this fishery, people learned how to produce this tackle, because with its help it was possible to get the maximum catch with the minimum expenditure of time and effort. In addition, she attracted attention by the simplicity of care and maintenance, without requiring special skills even for beginners. Thanks to these advantages, the net continues to be popular in our time for industrial fishing, and many anglers with experience have learned how to make it independently at home. To do this, first of all, you need material such as a fishing doll, which is not difficult to find on the market. 

Fishing doll: structural features and varieties of canvas

A doll is nothing more than a net canvas, which got its name due to its appearance. It is a grid consisting of cells of the same size. For manufacturing are often used:

·         caprone threads;

·         nylon threads;

·         fishing line.

All of them can have a mono structure or consist of several thin threads carefully twisted with each other (twisted fishing line).

To get a doll, the threads are intertwined so that as a result they turn into a single whole canvas, consisting of diamond-shaped cells located next to each other in even vertical rows. If the obtained net-strip is straightened, then depending on the degree of elasticity of the material, as well as the tensile forces of the mesh, they can transform - stretch vertically, horizontally, or acquire a symmetrical square shape.

Doll parameters are standard. The length is traditionally 150 m, and the height is 75 mesh. The range of possible cell sizes is quite wide and varies between 20-110 mm. The choice in this case, first of all, should depend on what kind of fish it is planned to catch using a net made of linen - the finer the catch, the smaller the mesh should be.

Before you buy a fishing doll, you should decide on a criterion such as a type and characteristics of the reservoir where fishing will take place. Focusing on fishing conditions, it is necessary to choose the thickness of the thread used to make the canvas. In our online store dolls are available for purchase, the thickness of the fishing line of which varies in the range of 0.13-0.3 mm.

Doll planting: what is this procedure?

In order to make a fishing net from a doll, ready for use in industrial fishing, it must be put on picks (cords), and then equipped with floats and sinkers. It should be noted that a net with a total length of 70-75 m can be made from a standard 150-meter canvas.

Step-by-step production of gear consists of the following stages:

·         the acquisition of a net web with the required thread thickness and mesh size;

·         calculation of landing coefficient;

·         determination of the step for tying knots on rebounds;

·         the direct landing of the mesh on the rebounds by stringing an extreme row of cells with tying with a special thread through a certain uniform distance by knots;

·         placement of sinkers and floats on selections that balance each other and provide the net with a floating state in the water (they will not allow it to completely float out, or finally, go to the bottom).

Important! For a proper fit, one of the picks should be shorter than the doll, since only in this way can the finished net be provided with the necessary sag. Although the procedure itself is simple, it requires theoretical knowledge and practical experience - after all, the slightest error can reduce the efficiency of the net output to zero. 

Penguin Doll: Benefits

Online store "Sete Snasti" offers potential and regular customers to buy a fishing doll in Ukraine from a North Korean manufacturer. The Penguin brand has long been present on the market of fishing tackle and materials and throughout this period has managed to establish itself on the positive side, gaining recognition from a multimillion-dollar audience of customers. A number of generally recognized advantages of the mudflow canvas "Penguin" include:

·         the elasticity of threads;

·         accurate execution and smooth cell arrangement;

·         the lightness of the canvas;

·         non-confusing and tear-resistant;

·         high level of moisture repellent;

·         resistance to ultraviolet radiation;

·         non-susceptibility to damage due to salt in seawater.

Penguin brand fishing dolls are made in several colors - raspberry, pink, turquoise. Due to the thin fishing line, the net is practically not identified by fish in water, therefore, it is possible to guarantee 100% falling of prey into the trap in places of its abundance.

A fishing doll "Penguin" is a budget version of a set canvas, with the quality of which many expensive products cannot be compared. You can verify the positive properties of the material from personal experience by ordering it on our website or by phone. Store consultants are ready to assist in the selection so that you can avoid mistakes.

Characteristics Material - fishing line; Manufacturer - Ukraine

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Penguin doll from fishing line (150m to 75yach) ∅20-100mm

  • Brand: Penguin
  • Product Code: Кукла Penguin из лески (150м на 75 ячей) ∅20-100мм
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Penguin doll from fishing line (150m to 75yach) ∅20-100mm

Penguin doll from fishing line (150m to 75yach) ∅20-100mm

 Fishing Penguin fishing doll - quality for a good price One of the ancient devices for ..

498.75 грн.