Plastic torpedo

          The cold season and icy ponds are not an obstacle to winter fishing on an industrial scale. If you plan to catch fish with the help of nets, both a professional and a beginner need to acquire such a device as a torpedo to launch nets under the ice. On the virtual storefront of the "Sete Snasti" online store, its plastic variety is presented, which in many aspects managed to surpass its metal counterpart. 

Features of the design of the device

This product has two housing options: Plastic and iron, consider the plastic model shown in the photo. The device is made in the form of a cylinder to which two sharp wheels with serrated edges are attached. The function of the latter is to catch on ice in a pond. An engine is located in the inner cavity of the cylindrical body, and space is also allocated for the installation of eight batteries.

Two diodes are installed on the surface of the torpedo. They provide an indication, making it easier to find the device under the ice. One diode emits dim light and fires when the torpedo is in motion. The second glows brighter and flashes when the fixture stops. This model of a torpedo freely enters a hole with a diameter of 13 cm.

For the manufacture of the case, the manufacturer used frost-resistant plastic. Along with the ability to withstand the "minus" indicators of the thermometer, the device has the following advantages:

• tightness and lack of risk of leakage;

• maintainability;

• a tendency to oxidation and the appearance of rust;

• simplicity of disassembly and assembly;

• high level of the buoyancy of the hull.

That is why the plastic torpedo received the status of an improved version of the device for pulling nets under the ice.

Attention! To ensure a long life of the device after each use, it is necessary to check whether drops of water have appeared inside, and drain the liquid, if any, through the torpedo's nasal opening by unscrewing a special bolt. 

Operating principle

For the upper part of the device, you need to tie a cord of the required length, then make a vacation of 15 cm and tie the same cord to a small rope coming out of the torpedo itself and responsible for starting and stopping it. Having done all these operations, you can be sure that the device will not fly away a distance of several kilometers irrevocably.

Then, using a drill, make a hole in the ice on the surface of the reservoir. To launch a torpedo, you need to sharply pull the rope. As soon as a click occurs, the device will begin to move.

Next, you need to lower the device into the hole, pointing its nose in the direction where it should move according to the idea of ​​the fisherman. After a sufficient amount of cord using a torpedo is stretched underwater, you need to make a jerk so that it stops and lights up brightly. Having discovered the device due to the lighted LED in the water, you should drill another hole next to it and remove the device from the reservoir to the surface. On the extended cord and perform the installation of the fishing net. It is most convenient to use a drill with a diameter of 18 cm, in extreme cases - 15 cm. 

Buy a torpedo quickly and inexpensively

This opportunity is provided by the online store "Sete Snasti". We have an attractive conditions for cooperation that will interest everyone:

• the ability to make an online order with a minimum waste of time;

• low prices from manufacturers without markup;

• favorable discounts for regular customers;

• delivery to all regions of Ukraine;

• the ability to exchange and return unsuitable goods.

If you plan to buy a torpedo for broaching nets, but have doubts about the correctness of your choice, please contact our managers by phone for professional advice. The service is free for all customers.

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Torpedo for pulling nets (plastic)

  • Brand: Kaida
  • Product Code: Торпеда для протяжки сетей (Пластиковая)
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Torpedo for pulling nets (plastic)

Torpedo for pulling nets (plastic)

Plastic torpedo          The cold season and icy ponds are not an obstacle..

917.70 грн.