Finnish fishing net worth attention

Fishing not only gives satisfaction, especially in the case of a big catch but is also a great way to calm your nerves, to stay for several hours in the fresh air. A fisherman who is prepared for fishing can rely on richer prey than a beginner or an amateur stand. Finnish fishing nets are useful for those who have studied the habits of local fish, estimated their size approximately and took into account in which place it is better to put gear. Fishing is a responsible matter, where any slip and hindsight turn into another failure.

Finnish fishing net: advantages

Fishing gear made using Finnish technology is considered the most durable and reliable. They are attributed to premium products because of the Japanese net-base, therefore they are bought with pleasure and confidence that at the right time the nets will not fail. Initially thought-out manufacturing technology prevents unpleasant moments during the operation of the product.

Exceptional material quality

When weaving, kapron threads, plain and twisted fishing lines are used. Single-walled nylon products last longer, less heavy in weight, but at the same time, they need to be regularly cleaned of garbage trapped underwater (a lot of algae and a bottom "farm" that accumulate underwater for years clings). With a smooth fishing line, almost invisible in the water, such troubles are rare, but it tears more often. Those who opted for fishing line should look for products with high-quality components. The Finnish fishing net with twisted fishing line is the most loaded among all analogues, but if local damage occurs, not everyone will be able to repair it independently.

Choosing a landing type

Fine workmanship or faster production? Choose you.

Manual. It is considered practical, since each nodule is carried out with special care. Depending on the region and the characteristics of fishing, it may differ in design.

The machine - room is the most common one. Due to the mechanization of labor, the Finnish fishing net is distinguished by a lower price, therefore it is not necessary to expect particularly high quality in such products. It has limitations in the form of a not very strong sticking to the cord, unnecessarily rigid fastening to the cord. For those who want to attach the net to the trailer or to tackle a significant underwater space, the net size may be insufficient (machine products are made no more than 1.8m x 60 m).

Instead of floats and weights, a number of weighting and floating shoelaces are provided for organizing landing. Choosing a net from a fishing line, you get the tackle with a small refractive index, which prevents the fish from seeing the trap. If the sinker is replaced with a weighting cord, then when pulling out the gear there is no tangling and mutual hooks of accessories.

Material Feature

Finn cord when placing the net on the water reduces the confusion of the elements, good elasticity of the fabric contributes to a quick and even installation. Weighting cords will hold the a fishing structure so that it is not blown away by the current or strong wind. To buy Finn nets, check out the main types of products.


Briefly by type

·         "Barracuda" - differs in a trapezoidal way of placement in water. It is suitable for the river bottom. The net is set tangent to the current flow, which will reduce its curl. The upper selection eliminates the strong tension of the product so that good buoyancy remains. A long selection at the bottom gently lays on the bottom, due to the low tension force it forms pockets in the cavities, increasing the efficiency of getting the fish into the trap.

·         Three-walled fin Ta-Yu - has an affordable cost. It is obtained by improving the classical finn due to the reinforcement on both sides of the robes. The floats and sinkers sewn into the cord prevent tangling of the product. The net is in demand among fishermen and participants in industrial fishing.

·         Anti-finn. The name is surprising, although “Anti” is a manufacturer, not something opposite. All elements holding the net are hidden in a cord. Compared to the Chinese counterpart, which is more difficult to install, these nets are more convenient to unwind and install, which saves valuable time and does not reduce fishing excitement. Even those who hold the net for the first time will cope with anti-Finnish. It is in demand with frequent fishing, it has proven itself in industrial fishing.

·         An ordinary finn, which spans 30 meters in length. A single-wall tackle made of nylon is made of thicker material than the fishing line, which is why it serves a decent time. Deserved recognition many years ago, the Finnish has not lost its popularity today. Great for seasoned specialists and young, inexperienced fishermen.

It is recommended that even beginner fishermen buy single-walled, three-walled or Finnish fishing nets. It will be easier for them to master the science of fishing with gear if they initially use products that cause a minimum of concern.

Characteristics Type - Singlewalled

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Net single-walled Barracuda 2m on 30m Ø30mm - 70mm (Cord)

  • Product Code: Рыболовная сеть одностенная Барракуда 2м на 30м Ø30мм - 70мм
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Net single-walled Barracuda 2m on 30m Ø30mm - 70mm (Cord)

Net single-walled Barracuda 2m on 30m Ø30mm - 70mm (Cord)

Finnish fishing net worth attentionFishing not only gives satisfaction, especially in the case..

798.00 грн.