Finnish - fishing triple-walled fishing net

If you are engaged in industrial fishing, have your own pond or fish farm, then the acquisition of nets for catching prey is one of the necessary tasks that you will have to face. The popularity of such gear is associated with their high efficiency: the use of a fishing net is a guarantee of 100% catch on a large scale. A special niche among many varieties of nets is occupied by Finnish fishing nets.

Design and application features

The net got the name “Finnish” due to the fact that it was produced using a special technology developed in Finland. Today it is used by many manufacturers from different countries.

The tackle is a single-wall net, the structure of which includes two rebounds, a forest net set, and equipment. The net is made of high-quality nylon. In our online store, you can purchase variations of tackle with the thickness of the fishing line of the net sheet, varying in the range from 0.14 to 0.18 mm. This indicator is slightly higher for Finn than standard nets, which characterizes it as a tackle with increased strength. The net is painted blue. This ensures its invisibility in water for potential extraction.

The lower selection, on which the net web is planted, has a greater length than the upper one. As a result, the tackle took the form of a trapezoid. A specific feature of this fishing gear is that the float and cargo cords are neatly hidden in a braid. This guarantees the net the following benefits:

• quick folding/unfolding;

• convenient throwing in a reservoir;

• protection against tangling of equipment in the net and underwater vegetation;

• simplicity in leaving;

• long term of operation.

The height of the fin is 1.8 m, and the length is 30 m. You can purchase tackle with a mesh diameter of 25, 27, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 mm - the finer the planned production, the less mesh you need to choose. Due to the characteristics listed above, the net can rightfully be attributed to fishing tackle of the highest class.

A quick and profitable purchase at “Sete Snasti”

Finnish fishing nets are profitable to buy from us, as the “Sete Snasti” online store offers its customers:

• rational pricing policy. We do not seek to earn at the expense of mark-ups on goods, therefore we completely abandoned them. In addition, deliveries are made directly from manufacturers, and this is a convenient way to save on logistics. As a result, the buyer does not have to overpay a penny;

• loyalty programs. We have a system of bonus points. By purchasing any of the products presented in the catalog, the client receives a certain quantity of them, and at the next purchase can partially pay them, providing for himself a significant financial discount;

• convenient delivery. In whatever region of Ukraine you are located, the products of the online store are always available for purchase. We will arrange the shipment of goods to the specified address through the company "New Mail";

• guarantee for the goods. All gear purchased from us have a guarantee of 14 days from the date of purchase;

• the ability to return/exchange. In case of defects, each client within 14 days has the opportunity to return the goods or exchange it for a similar one. You can exchange for a more expensive or cheaper product from the catalog: in the first case, the buyer will need to pay the difference, and in the second, our company will return the excess.

Cooperating with us, you are completely protected from fakes. We only sell original branded gear at an affordable cost. If you have difficulties with the choice, call our managers - professional advice is free.

Characteristics Type - Singlewalled

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Net the single-walled Finn of 1.8m on 30m Anti Øof 13mm - 60mm (Cord)

  • Product Code: Сеть одностенная Финка 1.8м на 30м Анти Ø13мм - 60мм (Шнуровая)
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Net the single-walled Finn of 1.8m on 30m Anti Øof 13mm - 60mm (Cord)

Net the single-walled Finn of 1.8m on 30m Anti Øof 13mm - 60mm (Cord)

Finnish - fishing triple-walled fishing netIf you are engaged in industrial fishing, have your own..

427.50 грн.