Finnish - Fishing Cord Net (Triple Wall)


Three-walled net is one of the most popular fishing gear among professional fishermen. Tackle is often called a three-wall, three-row, muddle. Modern Ukrainian legislation strictly regulates the use of nets for catching production from reservoirs of all types. According to official regulations, it is strictly forbidden to use this equipment for amateur fishing - such actions will be regarded as illegal and will entail appropriate penalties. Sete Snasti company warns that responsibility for such activities in 100% of the amount falls on the shoulders of dishonest fishermen.

Anti-Finc: design features and method of application

The Finnish net presented in the catalog was produced by the Polish company Anti, which has established itself in the fishing tackle market as a reliable manufacturer. The fishing gear got its name thanks to Finnish technology, taken as a basis in production.

To create a net, a canvas of high-quality synthetic fishing line was used. It is colored blue, therefore:

·         does not give glare on a sunny day;

·         It is well masked in clear water;

·         adapted for night fishing.

Fishing gear is available, the thickness of the fishing line in which ranges from 0.14 to 0.18 mm. The height of the gear is 1.8 m and the length is 30 m.

A feature of the three-walled net is that in the design of the gear there are three net-webs. They are planted on two cords:

·         above - on the so-called. a floating cord with floats on it;

·         from below - on the so-called. load cord on which the cargo is fixed.

The float and cargo cords are hidden in a braid, which helps to avoid tangling the tackle when folding, unfolding, installing in a pond. Fishing with this net will be possible even for a beginner.

For a three-walled net, a net cloth with different mesh diameters is used. External canvases have more mesh than internal ones. In this regard, potential production through large meshes of the first net web enters the tackle, captures and extends a portion of the second web with a finer mesh, and then pulls it through the large mesh of the third web. As a result, a bag forms, from which there is no way back to the reservoir. Finnish nets are used for industrial fishing, which is considered the most cautious (crucian carp, line, bream, etc.) and is found in fairly small lakes and rivers with a slow flow.

Why is it worth to buy a Finnish in "Sete Snasti"?

Both professional fishermen and beginners in the field of industrial fishing are advised to pay attention to the range of our online store. There are several reasons to buy Finnish nets at Set Snasti:

·         we constantly replenish our catalog with high-quality products, so you are guaranteed to be able to purchase the necessary gear and get your order as soon as possible;

·         we do not have extra charges for goods since we are engaged in direct deliveries of products from manufacturers;

·         the nets available in the assortment are distinguished by resistance to wear (elasticity, tensile strength, and the ability to withstand the negative effects of environmental factors - salt water, UV rays, high and low temperatures);

·         we offer the delivery of goods to any corner of the country through the services of transport and logistics companies;

·         we have a system of cumulative points, which allows regular customers to receive significant discounts on all products.

If necessary, contact the managers of the online store - they will conduct a free consultation on products from the catalog and the conditions for their purchase in electronic or telephone modes.

Characteristics Type - Threewall

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Anti-Finnish Fishing Net, triple-wall 1.8x30m Ø25mm - 60mm (Cord) all mesh

  • Product Code: Сеть Анти - Финка, трёхстенная 1.8х30м Ø25мм - 60мм (Шнуровая)
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Anti-Finnish Fishing Net, triple-wall 1.8x30m Ø25mm - 60mm (Cord) all mesh

Anti-Finnish Fishing Net, triple-wall 1.8x30m Ø25mm - 60mm (Cord) all mesh

Finnish - Fishing Cord Net (Triple Wall) Three-walled net is one of the most popular fishing ..

420.00 грн.