Three-wall fishing net 2m * 30m, Sewn-in cargo color white. Reinforced line 0.25mm

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Now the process of fishing has become even easier and more enjoyable. Fishing with nets has long been considered one of the most effective methods of fishing and has remained so to this day. The most popular networks are three-walled networks.

A three-walled net with a reinforced fishing line is a sheet with a line diameter of 0.25mm and two side sheets (cuts) with a mesh of 75mm and a line diameter of 0.37mm. The net is incredibly strong and will help you catch even the largest and strongest fish.

Floats made of high-quality plastic floats perfectly on the water, and their yellow color will not allow you to lose sight of the net installation site. Loads also have a distinctive shape. Very often, in the process of working with Chinese networks, they have to be additionally loaded. This model eliminates this need. Lead weights have an elongated, cylindrical crimp shape, and are heavier than regular lead pellets.

The most important advantage and advantage of these networks is that they are not prone to confusion. At the time of installing a fishing net or retrieving fish, you do not have to spend a lot of time untangling and bringing the nets back to normal working order. Such a fishing net will serve you for more than one season, delighting you with a large catch.ka

Characteristics Height: 2m Weights: Lead Crimp Length: 30m Construction: Three-walled (cut) Material: Fishing Line Country of origin: China Type: Casting net White color

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Three-walled net 2x30m reinforced line 0.25mm

  • Product Code: Сеть трехстенная 2м*30м усиленная леска 0,25мм
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Three-walled net 2x30m reinforced line 0.25mm

Three-walled net 2x30m reinforced line 0.25mm

Three-wall fishing net 2m * 30m, Sewn-in cargo color white. Reinforced line 0.25mmThere are such cel..

539.00 грн.