Net triple-wall caprone H2, 2.7m by 80m (Braided cut)


It is necessary to buy a three-wall net for fishing, first of all, to the owners of fisheries, people involved in industrial fishing. Using such equipment will be very convenient not only for professionals but also for beginners since the use of nets does not require special skills. Based on the modern assortment, you can pick up a tool for catching both large and small production in a reservoir of any type.

The main thing is to keep in mind that fishing using nets is permissible only for industrial purposes. If you are going to use tackle for amateur fishing, your actions will be a direct violation of the legislation on the protection of biological resources in force in Ukraine, for which penalties are provided. Responsibility in full lies on the shoulders of an unscrupulous net owner.


What is the specificity of the caprone net H2? 

This model, presented in the catalog, was released by Do-Yu, which is considered one of the world's leading manufacturers of fishing tackle and materials for their manufacture. This product is famous for its long service life, high strength, reliability and catchability.

Characteristics of the net has the following:

·          height - 3 m;

·          length - 100 m;

·          the diameter of the ms is 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm.

The basis for the tackle is taken caprone net-canvas, the thickness of the fishing line of which is 0.3 mm or 29x3 tex. It is made in three weaving, therefore, two times stronger than its counterparts.

In the construction of three-walled gear there is a cutting cut, also made of triple weaving. Thanks to this, the user can be sure that he can catch large prey and pull it ashore without damaging the net. Due to this technical solution, professional fishermen dubbed this fishing gear from Do-Yu the company “combat”, which indicates its high class.

Proprietary Do-Yu codolings made of polypropylene were used for planting the net sheet. The upper cord is reinforced so that the net load rating is significantly increased. The equipment is hidden in a braid (sewn in), which means that the net will not get tangled, it can be easily disassembled and assembled, quickly abandoned and easily pulled out of the reservoir.

Net canvas - white. This shade is not able to scare the fish, and the net will be effective when fishing at any time of the day, without exception.


 Profitable cooperation with us

Online store "Sete Snasti" is a territory of affordable prices and quality products for fishing. We have been working on the market for more than 10 years, so we can confidently say that we thoroughly know about the leading development trends of this segment, as well as about the needs of even the most demanding customers.


It is worth buying a three-wall net from us, since you are expected:

·          low cost due to the absence of even minimal margins on branded products;

·          Convenient delivery of parcels to any region of Ukraine by “New Mail” (if necessary, we can send the parcel in another way, but only after prior approval);

·          Guaranteed use of purchased gear, which extends to the next 2 weeks from the date of purchase;

·          the possibility of returning / exchanging unsuitable/defective products (you can exchange tackle for another product, if its price is less, we will refund the difference, and if it is more, it will be necessary to pay extra);

·          discounts for those who are a regular buyer, due to the accrual of accumulative points for each purchase, which can then be paid.

If you have not yet decided which net is right for you, call our managers - they will provide qualified advice at no cost.

Characteristics Height - 3 meters; Cargo - Sewn into a cord; Material - Capron

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Net triple-wall caprone 2.7x80m Ø35mm - 100mm

  • Product Code: Сеть трёхстенная капроновая 2.7х80м Ø35мм - 100мм
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Net triple-wall caprone 2.7x80m Ø35mm - 100mm

Net triple-wall caprone 2.7x80m Ø35mm - 100mm

 Net triple-wall caprone H2, 2.7m by 80m (Braided cut) It is necessary to buy a three-wa..

1,695.90 грн.