Single-wall fishing net of 29x3 thread (0.30 mm thick)


A single-walled network is an indispensable tool for fishing if you need to catch a lot of animals in a short time while applying a minimum of effort. It is used in the fishing industry. Its use for poaching is punishable by the current legislation of Ukraine. Such networks are more affordable than tools of complex design, they are easier to install and craft.

Fixed gill nets can be used for both summer and winter fishing, in ponds with a muddy, uneven bottom covered with snags. The presence of a strong current will also not become an obstacle to the installation of a single-wall net in a pond. 

Single Wall Net Design Features

By structure, a single-walled net is the simplest fishing gear that has been used since ancient times. It has a trapezoidal canvas that is attached to two selections (upper and lower). The top pick in gill nets is a floating cord, and the bottom one is a sinker.

A single-wall the net of nylon filament has the following properties:

• strength. Withstands heavy loads, suitable for catching large fish;

• elasticity. Due to stretching, it tears less often than a fishing line. The nylon net is easier to repair if damaged;

• simplicity in leaving. It is enough to dry the net-plate after fishing so that the tool does not lose its characteristics.

Single-wall net is also called gill. The principle of its work is based on entangling fish in gear. A primitive but effective tool for catching large types of prey, for example, grass carp, pike, silver carp. It is easier to remove fish from the nylon mesh because it is easily untangled.

If you decide to buy a nylon net for fishing, we suggest you opt for a single-wall net woven from a nylon thickness of 0.30 mm (29x3 tex), 2.7 m high and 80 m wide. You can use the white net in any body of water, on deep water. The material from which the fabric is made should not be too dense. Otherwise, it will be noticeable to the fish and scare away living creatures from the net. If you save money and choose too thin a net, then it will not withstand a heavy load.

Before buying, decide which species of fish you will get from the reservoir with the selected gear, so you will protect it from damage due to non-compliance with the operating rules.

We recommend you to buy a nylon net for fishing in “Sete Snasti” online store. This gill net differs from standard models by the height of landing and the strength of the nylon net canvas, which makes it possible to use the tool for fishing for more than one season.

Quick purchase of a single-wall net in the online store "Sete Snasti"

Before you buy a nylon mesh for fishing, you need to determine its diameter. Too large a net is inconvenient to use in ponds of a small area, and a small one, on the contrary, will not be able to cover the entire perimeter of the reservoir. Particular attention should be paid to cell size. A single-walled nylon net of 3x100 size is ideal for deep ponds, especially for places where there is a strong current. Nylon nets have a lower catch rate than fishing line webs, but they are less likely to tear and last longer. In assortment - nets with cells with a diameter of 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90 mm.

Buying a nylon mesh for fishing in our store is simple. It is enough to choose the right gear and place an order through the electronic form on the site. There is a bonus system for regular customers, and a guarantee is provided for all fishing products.

Characteristics Height - 2.7 meters; Cargo - Sewn into a cord; Material - Kapron

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Single-wall fishing net 2.7m by 80m Caprone (Sewn load)

  • Product Code: Сеть рыболовная одностенная 2,7м на 80м Капрон (Вшитый груз)
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Single-wall fishing net 2.7m by 80m Caprone (Sewn load)

Single-wall fishing net 2.7m by 80m Caprone (Sewn load)

 Single-wall fishing net of 29x3 thread (0.30 mm thick) A single-walled network is an in..

740.00 грн.