Single-wall fishing net 4.7m in height with built-in cargo


The fishing net is one of the most common fishing gear, the history of which covers more than one century. For a long time tackle went through quality transformations, which significantly increased their catchability and simplified operation. And today, nets are considered indispensable equipment for fishermen engaged in industrial fishing, as well as for owners of ponds and private fish farms.

Note! The use of fishing nets for amateur fishing is prohibited by law. If you intend to purchase tackle in order to use it for this purpose, keep in mind that no one except you is responsible for violating Ukrainian law. 

H15 net: design and application

On this page of the catalog you can buy single-wall fishing nets produced by the Taiwanese company Do-Yu. The brand's products are famous in the territory of eastern and western countries for such advantages:

  •          strength;
  •          elasticity;
  •          long term use;
  •          resistant to natural factors: UV rays, salts, wind, temperatures.

The listed operational characteristics are associated with the characteristics of the material used for the manufacture. The basis of the tackle is a net fabric consisting of high-quality nylon fishing line. It is planted on the original Do-Yu polypropylene codolas with three-level weaving. Sinkers and floats are sewn into a braid. Thanks to this technical solution, the net is very convenient, protected from tangling, easy to disassemble and assemble, able to withstand about 400 kg of production.

The length of the tackle is 90 m, and the height is 4.7 m. Thanks to these parameters, it is very convenient to use it when catching fish, even in bodies of water with considerable depth. You can buy a net from us with a fishing line thickness from 0.15 to 0.28 mm with a mesh diameter of 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100 mm.

The canvas is painted white, so that it remains almost invisible in water. This means that it will not be able to scare away the fish, therefore, it guarantees 100% catch.

Why exactly us?

“Sete Snasti” online store is a virtual portal of profitable purchases. Cooperating with us, you can buy fishing nets in Kharkiv, Kiev or staying in any other locality of Ukraine - we are ready to arrange to send the parcel to the specified address by “New Mail”. If you want to receive an order through the services of another transport and logistics company, coordinate this moment in advance with our managers. In addition, our company offers the following advantages:

  •         a wide and the rational price range that makes high-quality branded products for industrial fishing affordable for all categories of buyers;
  •         a system of accumulative points, which are accrued for each purchased product and are used to partially repay the cost of the next purchase;
  •          product warranty for 14 days from the date of purchase;
  •          the ability to return unsuitable tackle to the store or exchange it for another if defects were discovered in it.

Years of experience of our employees will allow for professional consultation on the selection and acquisition of nets. Ask questions of interest over the phone and get qualified answers. Our team is thoroughly acquainted with the features of the assortment, trends in the development of the market of fishing tackle and materials for them, as well as with key customer requests. Consultations are provided free of charge to everyone without exception.

Characteristics Height - 4.7 meters; Cargo - Sewn into a cord; Material - Fishing Line

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Single-wall fishing net 4.7m by 80m (Sewn load)

  • Product Code: Сеть рыболовная одностенная 4,7м на 80м (Вшитый груз)
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  • 700.00 грн.

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Single-wall fishing net 4.7m by 80m (Sewn load)

Single-wall fishing net 4.7m by 80m (Sewn load)

Single-wall fishing net 4.7m in height with built-in cargo The fishing net is one of the most..

700.00 грн.