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A practical and warm winter Norfin Hunting Wild Snow suit from a popular manufacturer is considered the ideal option as equipment for a real hunter. Comfortable clothing does not constrain movements and perfectly protects from strong piercing wind, snowfall, rain and frost. 

The well-known brand decided to create a unique collection of warm clothes sewn with anticorrosive materials. This is the main advantage for hunters who should go unnoticed in any hunting conditions. For this reason, the modern Norfin Silent Material technology was used, with the help of which it was possible to develop a durable and practical breathable Nortex fabric. 

The presented fabric has the ability to "breathe" and create the perfect microclimate inside the suit. This ensures that the person does not sweat, and excess moisture is released into the top layer, creating maximum comfort even with prolonged use of all equipment. 

You can buy a high-quality Norfin hunting suit on the Sete Tackle store website. The product is designed to operate at temperatures up to -30 degrees.


 Characteristics of materials and filler used

The famous Norfin Silent Material the technology involves the creation of materials with the appropriate texture, which allows you to make active movements as quietly as possible. 

Among other materials, the manufacturer used:


  • The Norfin Hunting Wild Snow model consists of two jackets and one semi-overalls. The top layer of jackets is made of Nortex Breathable material. The insulating layer of the fabric prevents the ingress of cold air and perfectly retains heat.

  • The thermal insulation ability of the material helps to use the product even in high humidity conditions.

  • As a practical fittings, a YKK zipper from a Japanese company was used.

  • Jacket insulation - Hollofill. Such high-tech material from DuPont is supplemented with 4 hollow holes in the fibers, due to which the material retains heat perfectly and, at the same time, is lightweight.

All of the above materials are ideally suited for the washing process - machine or manual. The main thing is to follow the basic rule - the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Soft filler quickly restores its shape after washing and centrifugation.


 Warm suit for hunting: model equipment

Norfin Hunting is an indispensable set for a hunter who has to stay in the cold for a long time. The kit includes a warm jacket and bib overall. Both products are characterized by the following features:


  • The semi-overalls have practical adjustable straps along the length. As a result, you can easily adjust the position of the straps based on the person’s height.

  • The costume is complemented by YKK zippers, which have a high degree of moisture protection, without letting the water in.

  • Inside and outside there are deep and roomy pockets that are also fixed with zippers and Velcro.

  • On the shoulders of the jacket, you can see special anti-slip pads. This allows you to easily carry a backpack, gun or bag without holding them with your hands all the way.

  • The bottom of each leg of the overalls is complemented by a convenient zipper - this is necessary for quick donning over boots or high boots.

Now, you can choose the right size and buy Norfin costume in Ukraine using the Sete Tackle website. The checkout process is carried out in a convenient and fast online mode.

Characteristics Fabric / Density: NORTEX Breathable SILENT 325 DEN; Lining: Microflis 100g / m2; Insulation / Density: Hollofil - from DuPont (Ultra-light, modern insulation); Water resistance: 6000mm; Temperature range: Up to -40 °

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Winter suit Norfin - Hunting Wild Snow

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Winter suit Norfin - Hunting Wild Snow

Winter suit Norfin - Hunting Wild Snow

Norfin Hunting Wild Snow - winter suit for hunting  A practical and warm winter Norfin H..

8,134.00 грн.