• Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.25 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅60-80mm

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The practice of using nets for catching fish in large volumes appeared in ancient times. Nowadays, the popularity of this equipment is not reduced. But at the legislative level, restrictions have been established regarding its application in order to protect the environment and biological resources.

So, in Ukraine, nets can be used exclusively for fishing for industrial purposes (for example, fisheries, artels, owners of private ponds, etc.). If you are an amateur a fisherman who has decided to use such a device to capture prey and its illegal sale, then appropriate penalties will be applied to you in connection with poaching.

Many professionals prefer to buy ready-made nets, but some still prefer custom gear. In the second case, you can make such a device that is 100% suitable for specific fishing conditions. To order nets from the masters or start creating them yourself, you need to buy net paintings that are worthy of quality and reliability. These are the BARRACUDA dolls presented in our online store. 

What are BARRACUDA dolls?

This is a Japanese-made nylon fishing net made from fishing line. For weaving, double knot technology is used. Due to correctly selected materials and the principle of execution, these dolls are characterized by a high level of strength - 3-4 times more than that of budget Chinese products. This explains the significant popularity of BARRACUDA net webs in the modern market for fishing tackle materials and their leadership among many competitors.

Due to the special additive used by the manufacturer, the dolls are obtained:

• painted in a purple tint, imperceptible in water and not scaring away fish;

• elastic, capable of stretching by 25-35% of their size;

• averse to breaks;

• protected from deformation under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

If, when removing prey from a net made from a BARRACUDA doll, you notice that the fish has penetrated its head into the mesh and cannot move further to either side, feel free to push it to speed up the process. Your tackle is guaranteed not to burst or deform. 

What sizes are Japanese net webs?

The manufacturer makes dolls from fishing lines of different diameters: from 0.15 to 0.3 mm. Having studied our catalog, you can choose the product that best meets your needs. The BARRACUDA net webs with a fishing line thickness of 0.25 mm and various cell diameters ranging between 30 and 120 mm are also presented on the same page.

The dolls are made according to standard parameters - with a width of 150 m and a height of 75 cells. To find out what height in meters your net should have, you need to perform mathematical calculations using the formulas. Multiply the cell diameter of your choice by their number in height through the formula for the diagonal of the square.

Example: the diagonal of a square is the square root of 2 times the side of the square (in this case, the cells). The square root of 2 is 1.41, the side of the cell, for example, is 60 mm, and their number in height is 75 pieces. So:

• 60 (mesh size) x 1.41 (square root of 2) = 84.6 mm,

• 75 (mesh in height) x 84.6 = 6345 mm.

• Thus, the height of your net web will be about 6.35 m.


What are we ready to offer?

Already now, without wasting time searching for specialized stores, you can buy Japanese net cloths. Ukraine, i.e., all regions of the country without exception, is the territory within which we send parcels. Order a sample doll for any branch of New Mail, we will provide it for free. You will only need to pay to ship upon receipt.

Characteristics Material - Fishing line; Manufacturer - Japan

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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.25 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅60-80mm

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  • Product Code: Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.25 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅60-80мм
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Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.25 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅60-80mm

Japanese doll - BARRACUDA from 0.25 fishing line (150m to 75 cells) ∅60-80mm

Barracuda Net Cloth - Overpowers Your Any Tasks The practice of using nets for catching fish ..

1,377.98 грн.