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The Ukrainian production company "Sete Snasti" offers its customers a unique collection of modern costumes for lovers of active “hunting” at the pond. In addition to the right set of tools, each fisherman must provide high-quality equipment.

The presented winter fishing suit is not marked by a shade of color (Swamp), which allows the fisherman to go unnoticed due to his future prey. The manufacturing company pays special attention to the wishes of its regular customers, constantly improving its own products.

Thoughtful design, affordable price and the use of proven materials - these are the three main qualities of domestic production. The modern combination for winter fishing does not get wet in the rain and is not tolerated by the wind, which allows fishermen to confidently leave the pond in any weather. In addition, practical and high-quality adaptation in no way restricts movement, allowing the fisherman to remain active throughout the entire fishing process.


Kit Features

    Important advantages of the kit:


        • Inside the jacket, there is an internal pocket for storing gadgets and documents that are reliably protected from possible moisture penetration.
        • At the bottom of the jacket there is a special lock - excellent protection in strong winds or snowfall. Thus, cold air will not get inside the jacket, and warm air will not blow out.

        It is recommended to wash the suit at a temperature of 30 degrees. In this case, the product does not need to be ironed and retains its original color cast. 

        If you choose a winter suit for fishing, you must trust local production companies that take into account the climatic situation in our country. A modern fishing kit consists of two components - a warm jacket and overalls. 

        For comfortable wear, the jumpsuit has adjustable straps, with which it is possible to easily "adjust" to the growth and body complexion of each person.

        The hood on the jacket is fastened with Velcro, thereby eliminating the likelihood of getting cold or snow around the neck.

        The presence of a huge number of external pockets on the jacket and overalls allows the angler to correctly distribute all the necessary items and things that should always be at hand.

        Sewing materials and filler

        Camouflage winter suit is designed for temperatures up to -40 degrees. A long operational period is the merit of correctly selected materials:

        •  You can buy a winter suit from a reliable domestic manufacturer in the online store "Sete Tackle" with delivery throughout Ukraine. Kits, like all accessories, are made in Ukraine, which confirms quality standards. A large selection of colors will help customers make the right purchase.

        • As the main material, the developers used membrane tissue - scarlet. Such material belongs to the category of fabrics of synthetic origin and implies a combination of knitted 100% polyester with additional membrane spraying, which is located on the wrong side of the jacket. The presented "protection" protects from strong winds and moisture, and also creates an ideal microclimate inside due to its "breathing" properties.

        The synthetic winterizer is a practical filler that lends itself to regular washing, while fully preserving its basic operational capabilities.

        Characteristics Fabric / Density: Alova 260g / m2 on the membrane; Lining: Fleece 120g / m2; Insulation / density: Sintepon 300gr / m2; Water resistance: 5000mm; Temperature range: Up to -40°С

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        Winter suit for fishing and hunting "Otaman" Taiga (alova)

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        • Product Code: Зимний костюм для рыбалки и охоты "Отаман" Тайга
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        Winter suit for fishing and hunting "Otaman" Taiga (alova)

        Winter suit for fishing and hunting "Otaman" Taiga (alova)

        Winter suit for fishing and hunting - "Otaman" Taiga      The Ukrainian pro..

        1,764.00 грн.