• Winter suit for hunting and fishing, warm and comfortable
Winter fishing and hunting suit.

The elongated jacket with a detachable zipper is adjustable by an elastic cord at the waist.
Sleeves on cuffs.
5 pockets: 1 pocket on the sleeve, 2 inside.
Collar - stand with fleece trim.
Detachable hood, adjustable in volume. Windproof strip.
Semi-overalls: pockets. Adjustable bottom with a zipper.
The suit is warm winter
Fabric: rush / scarlet membrane (the difference between the fabric is that the scarlet fabric is fleecy and soft, but the pattern on it is not as distinct as on the rush membrane, the main shade of this fabric is either greenish or yellowish.)
Breathable, water repellent suit
The convenient location of chest pockets.
Lining: fleece
 Warm winter suit for winter fishing and hunting, working in the cold on the street, and just for outdoor recreation. Consists of semi-overalls and a jacket.

 In the sleeves of the jacket, there are internal knitted cuffs, which in practice give additional warmth and comfort. Warm, removable hood provides excellent visibility.

 On the semi-overalls of the suit, there are insulated pockets. Front zipper. Shoulder straps have convenient adjustment and are reliably fixed, there are loops for a belt.

 The suit is designed for temperatures up to -30 degrees. Winter suit painted in the picture coniferous forest. A winter warm suit for the forest is bought for hunting and fishing. Hunters appreciate the quality of the winter suit not rustling when walking. And anglers often do not have a warm winter suit in which they can stay for a long time practically without movement and not freeze. And if you wear high-quality thermal underwear and a warm sweater under a winter suit, you can sit for a very long time in winter fishing. Still, we must not forget about warm waterproof shoes and a good hat with earflaps. The zipper on the jacket is closed by a windproof valve. The fabric of the winter suit does not rustle, is not blown and has an internal water-repellent impregnation. Pants and a jacket of a winter suit inside contain a light insulation pad, which holds the shape of the suit well. And the inside is made of fleece.


  • semi-overalls of loose fit with insulated pockets;
  • convenient adjustment of the straps in height;
  • two-lock zipper;
  • the overalls belt is regulated by an elastic band, belt loops under a belt;
  • warm hood, adjustable in volume;
  • stand collar;
  • pocket on the sleeve;
  • the waist and bottom of the jacket is regulated by an elastic cord;
  • adjustable cuff width;
  • the two-lock zipper is protected from the wind;
  • The bottom of the overall is regulated by a zipper.

Camouflage in the world of hunting and fishing

 Twenty years ago, camouflage was known only by rumors. Then the hunters and fishermen could not dream of a wide range of camouflage clothing.

The main goal of camouflage, of course, is to merge with nature. Modern models of camouflage clothing have different contrasts of shape and color, so the choice of a camouflage hunting or fishing suit is necessary depending on what area you plan to be in. For example, if the territory is rich in green vegetation, then it is advisable to hunt in camouflage predominantly green. The colors most suitable for such an area will be Khaki, Forest Thicket, Bushes, KMF Classic.

The colors of the “Gray Forest”, “Reed”, “Oak Leaf”, “Gray”, “Brown”, “Dark Forest” fabrics will adapt to the landscape with the prevailing colors of dark brown and gray. Coloring "Black" is perfect for those who have to hunt lying on the ground.

It is necessary to apply one or another seed, taking into account the season. So for hunting or winter fishing, it is more logical to buy "Winter Forest" or "Blue" coloring pages.

You can also try combining different patterns for the bottom and top of clothes. For example, when hunting a wild boar, you can use the savannah jacket as the top, but you can choose the pants with a swirling, rich color of the forest, for better resemblance to the shadow of a tree.

You should not choose clothes with camouflage that are oversaturated with many points of contrasting shapes and colors, as this distinguishes you from the environment.

Basic requirements for choosing camouflage clothing

The main selection criterion for you should be the intended use: hunting, fishing or just outdoor recreation, where it is not enough to wear brand clothes.

When choosing camouflage, you should always consider the time of year and the type of landscape.

Terrain may change with movement. For this reason, when choosing camouflage, you need to focus on “blurring” human contours, rather than trying to copy a changing landscape.

Do not forget that camouflage clothing should be not only the color you need, but also convenient to use!
Characteristics Fabric Type: Membrane; Water resistance of the material: 2000 (g / mm² / 24h); Breathable Feature: 2000 (g / mm² / 24h); Minimum temperature: -30 ° C; Type of insulation: synthetic winterizer, fleece; Features: Water-repellent, non-blown fabric

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Winter suit for hunting and fishing, warm and comfortable

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Winter suit for hunting and fishing, warm and comfortable

Winter suit for hunting and fishing, warm and comfortable

Winter fishing and hunting suit.The elongated jacket with a detachable zipper is adjustable by an el..

1,479.15 грн. 1,557.00 грн.