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Braden is a fishing tackle with a long history. For a long time, he was destined to play the role of the “breadwinner” of a person, helping to provide him with high-quality and healthy fish meat. Over time, the product has not lost its relevance and is widely used today to obtain haul on a small and industrial scale. 

Design and Application 

Despite the fact that more than one century has passed since the creation of the first gear of this type, structurally nonsense (net, fishing line) has not changed. It consists of the following elements: 

·         two drives (wings);

·         a guzir (pocket) made of a nylon fishing net and located between the wings;

·         polystyrene floats, due to which the drawing of the wire from the water is ensured;

·         lead sinkers, with the help of which it is possible to immerse gear under water and its movement along the bottom of the reservoir;

·         draft ropes (cutoffs) attached to the wings, designed for convenient transportation of net with prey by fishermen.

A dragnet is used for fishing in shallow waters, often in the autumn-winter season: at this time, water bodies become cleaner, all the vegetation that impedes the movement of gear is deposited to the bottom, and there are no obstacles on the way to a large catch. 

The fishing net must be decomposed and thrown into the pond. It will fulfill the function of a kind of horizontal wall, collecting catch on its way. Fishermen moving tackle towards the shore should ensure that prey is not tangled in the net. 

Upon returning from fishing, the fishing dies must be washed well with clean water, dried (but not in direct sunlight), carefully folded and hung up for storage until the next catch. Compliance with the basic rules for caring for gear will significantly extend its service life.


Varieties of gear 

When planning to buy a net, you need to determine the type of gear that will be optimal for fishing and can provide a good catch. To do this, it is necessary to answer the questions about what kind of fish will be “hunted”, in which particular pond, and depending on this, choose a modification: 

·         different-winged (for fishing on rivers with sharp turns) or uniform-winged (if fishing is to be done on a lake, reservoir, in a pond);

·         with a long nylon fishing net (for industrial fishing) or shorter gear options (for amateur fishing);

·         with large (for small fish) and small mesh (for bulky prey).

Before you buy a dragnet, it is important to pay attention to the ratio of the weight that the sinkers and floats have - it must match. If the balance is upset, the tackle is initially doomed to unsuccessful fishing and the inability to realize its function. 

Advantages of a net 

The dragnet for fishing has these advantages: 

·         resistance to wear. If you buy a fishing dribble, the canvas of which is made of kapron thread manually, you can provide yourself with gear that can serve more than a dozen years, even in conditions of intensive use;

·         maintainability. If a minor mechanical damage to the net does occur, even a novice fisherman at home can easily repair it, saving money;

·         guaranteed haul. Due to the fact that the drag covers a significant part of the reservoir, you can be sure that fishing will not end in the absence of prey;

·         low cost. Fishing ravings are one of the most common gear, the price of which ensures their availability for all fishermen.

If you plan to buy a net in Ukraine, evaluate the products presented in our catalog and choose the one that suits your fishing conditions. If necessary, contact the managers of the online store for help - consultations are provided absolutely free of charge.

Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.8mm; Structure. Type - With pocket

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Dragnet, net, drag 8 meters (Pocket 3.5m) Ø20mm

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бредень, невод, волок 8 метров (Карман 3,5м) Ø20мм
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  • 1,020.00 грн.


Dragnet, net, drag 8 meters (Pocket 3.5m) Ø20mm

Dragnet, net, drag 8 meters (Pocket 3.5m) Ø20mm

Fishing wolf - the best option for your pond   Braden is a fishing tackle with a lon..

1,020.00 грн.