Fishing del 93,5х3teks per meter, thread thickness (0.8mm)


Fishing del is a net canvas used for the production of ravings, seines and other equipment for fishing, as well as for blocking water bodies. In addition, this net material is widely used in the household (in particular, when organizing barriers for poultry, greenhouses, sports grounds, etc.) and for industrial purposes (for fencing construction sites, etc.). In this regard, the demand for it is constantly growing. The catalog of the online store provides the opportunity to purchase a business at an affordable cost and with a minimum expenditure of personal time. 

Nylon features and its varieties

For the manufacture of Delhi presented in the online store, a caprone made of triple weaving is used. It belongs to the category of the most durable nylon canvases known today, an additional advantage of which is also affordable cost. The thickness of the material varies from 0.4 to 1.2 mm. The choice of thickness directly depends on what diameter the mesh is planned. 

Based on the method of weaving, there are such varieties of net fabric: 

·          del capron nodal - made by sequential weaving, has fabric nodules in its structure, is notable for its simplicity and relative cheapness;

·          del capron knotless - made by weaving the entire canvas at once. It differs from the previous type in lower weight and volume, which means that the gear made from it is also lighter. The level of water resistance in such a case is lower, and the strength exceeds by 15% this indicator of the nodal canvas. Ideal for the production of gear, with the help of which it is planned to catch fish with "delicate" and fragile scales, since it prevents any damage.

The listed characteristics, which distinguish a knotless and nodal net from nylon fishing net thread, should be taken into account when buying and proceeding from what purpose it will be used for, if for making tackle - in which pond the fishing will be organized and for which fish the “opening of the hunt” is planned.

Nylon fishing net impregnated with special antifungal agents that counteract their coverage with moss, protect from the aggressive effects of aqueous and salty environments. Therefore, the inherent characteristics of the proposed products are durability, reliability, and practicality.

Terms of purchase

If you are interested in del fishing, you can buy the material in a few clicks. To do this, add it to the basket and make an order in electronic form on the site. If necessary, the company's managers will provide you with qualified advice - contact us at the indicated phone numbers. We provide such guarantees:

·          wide assortment (by web thickness, mesh diameter);

·          the possibility of buying a meter;

·          operational processing of received applications;

·          balanced price without markup due to direct deliveries from manufacturers;

·          organization of delivery to all regions of the country;

·          Customer's choice of a convenient payment method.

Buy del in Ukraine - quality and able to pay off in the near future - is quite realistic. Decide on the necessary parameters and order a net canvas for your own household or trades, avoiding unjustified risks.

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Del capron 93,5x3 Kasimov Ø6 - 60 (by the meter)

  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Дель капроновая 93,5х3 Касимов Ø6 - 60
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 81.00 грн.

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Del capron 93,5x3 Kasimov Ø6 - 60 (by the meter)

Del capron 93,5x3 Kasimov Ø6 - 60 (by the meter)

 Fishing del 93,5х3teks per meter, thread thickness (0.8mm) Fishing del is a net canvas ..

81.00 грн.