Finnish a fishing net is a great choice

Owners of fisheries, private ponds, fishers involved in industrial fishing, will certainly, be interested in the Finnish nets presented in our online store, which you can buy with a few clicks of a computer mouse without leaving you office or home. These tackles have long been among the most simple to use and effective, since with their help you can get a guaranteed large catch.

Attention! Online store "Sete Snasti" warns: the use of nets is permissible only for industrial purposes. If a consumer decides to use the tackle in his personal interests in amateur fishing, then the responsibility for violating the laws of Ukraine lies in full on his shoulders.

Single Finnish Nets: Design Features and Benefits

The gear presented in the online store is the products of the world-famous Ta-Yu brand, whose fishing gear and materials for their manufacture have spread not only in eastern but also in western countries. The name "Finca" is associated with the technology used for its manufacture, invented in Finland.

Single-walled finca has the following parameters:

·         height - 1.8 m;

·         length - 30 m;

·         fishing line thickness - from 1.4 to 0.18 mm;

·         cell diameter - 25, 27, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 mm.

The mesh selection depends on the size of the fish that you plan to catch: the larger it is, the more cells you can choose.

For the manufacture of a single-wall, a nylon chain net is used. This synthetic material is distinguished, among others, by its good exploitation properties, ability to withstand large species of fish, and is excellent for catching predatory prey.

The fishing line has a blue color. This is a guarantee that the canvas will not be noticeable in the water, both during night and day fishing it will not scare off potential prey.

It was planted in a net on two rebounds, of which the upper one is longer than the lower one. Therefore, a typical single-wall net has the shape of a trapezoid. Float and cargo cords are carefully hidden in a braid. Thanks to this design, the equipment will not be confused in the net, underwater vegetation, it will be much easier and faster to cast the net, as well as to pull it ashore, to fold it before sending it for storage.

Where to buy a Finnish net the most profitable?

If you are interested in Finnish nets, you can buy gear with the necessary parameters in the “Sete Snasti” online store. Our catalog contains models of fishing gear that are actually available. The range is constantly expanding, and stocks of gear are replenished. Cooperation with us is beneficial because we have:

·         low prices that allow you to purchase products for fishing without overpayments with maximum savings;

·         the system of accumulative points, which provides the opportunity to pay partially for each subsequent purchase and receive good discounts;

·         delivery to all Ukrainian regions, organized by us through the services of the transport and logistics company "New Mail";

·         Warranty period of operation of 2 weeks from the date of purchase;

·         the possibility of returning goods that did not fit and exchanging products with detected defects.

We can get free advice from professional managers who have long experience working with fishing tackle is well acquainted with the specifics of the assortment and the needs of customers. This service is provided free of charge.

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Net the single-walled Finnish of 1.8m on 30m Ta Yu Ø20mm - 60mm (Cord)

  • Brand: Kaida
  • Product Code: Сеть одностенная Финка 1.8м на 30м Та-Юй Ø20мм - 60мм (Шнуровая)
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Net the single-walled Finnish of 1.8m on 30m Ta Yu Ø20mm - 60mm (Cord)

Net the single-walled Finnish of 1.8m on 30m Ta Yu Ø20mm - 60mm (Cord)

 Finnish a fishing net is a great choiceOwners of fisheries, private ponds, fishers involved i..

470.00 грн.