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Nets for fishing are one of the earliest inventions of mankind. From ancient times, fishing was destined to obtain the status of a popular craft in those parts whose shores were washed by natural reservoirs with an abundance of prey. Since those days, the fishing net has undergone many qualitative changes and improvements, but the key principle of its creation has remained the same. 

What is a fishing doll and how to make a net out of it?

In order to create a net for catching fish, a net web wound in a bundle called “fishing doll” is used. For the manufacture of this material uses special threads (nylon, nylon) or fishing line. Through their interweaving with each other, cells are formed that are identical in shape and equal in size. The cells receive the appearance of rhombs, which are arranged one after another in vertically even rows. Based on the degree of stretching of the canvas, the cells can acquire the likeness of rhombuses elongated horizontally or vertically, and also get the shape of equilateral squares. In order for a fishing doll to turn into a ready tackle - a fishing net, you must:

  •  perform its landing on rebounds (cords);
  •  equip it with floats;
  •  supplement with sinkers.

 Only after this can the canvas turn into equipment capable of being underwater in the working position - without drowning at all, and without floating up, i.e. vertically. The volume of the future catch also depends on the correct landing. Therefore, it is better to entrust this procedure to specialists or experienced fishermen who know what nuances must be taken into account in order to avoid gross errors.

 Buying a fishing doll is a responsible task for the fisherman and no less than her landing. The right choice of net, including the thickness of the thread, its color, the size of the cells, taking into account the type of reservoir in which the catch is planned, as well as the type of fish to be “hunted” is the key not only to productive fishing, but also to durability made from dolls net. 

Doll Landing Rules

To turn the net into an effective fishing net, you must adhere to these key rules:

  •  choose a mesh size that matches the size of the fish you are going to catch;
  •  perform the correct and clear distribution of nodes in the selection;
  •  make sure that one selection has a shorter length than the net fabric itself, which will allow it to provide a sagging effect;
  •  make an accurate calculation of the landing coefficient.

On rebounds, the doll is planted using stringing technology. The extreme row of   mesh cells of the canvas is planted on a cord, while tying with the help of special knots through a certain step. Then the rebounds are equipped with floats and sinkers, which, balancing each other, provide the buoyancy of a net immersed in water. 

Advantages of the Golden-Fish Fishing Doll

Taiwan brand's Nylon Fishing Net  Golden-Fish (translated into Russian means "star fish") is popular in the market for fishing goods around the world. The production of material has been going on over the past ten years, and during this time the products managed to become famous among fishermen for such positive qualities as:

  •  low weight due to the use of multi-filament yarn - the so-called twisted fishing line;
  •  softness and elasticity;
  •  perfectly even mesh;
  •  unique coloring - the color of the sea wave, which ensures the invisibility of the nylon fishing net in water even for the most “careful” fish;
  •  high level of tensile strength;
  •  excellent moisture resistance;
  •  ability to withstand the negative effects of saltwater;
  •  low price combined with excellent quality indicators.

The Golden-Fish fishing doll undergoes preliminary heat treatment, with the help of which it becomes possible to increase its operational characteristics and increase the overall period of use. 

How to get a doll for a fishing net?

You can buy a fishing doll in Ukraine in the following modifications:

  • • with a fishing line thickness of 0.15 / 0.18 / 0.2 / 0.23 / 0.25 / 0.28 / 0.3 mm;
  • • with mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 110 mm.

The length of the products is standard and is 150 m. The height is measured by the number of cells and in the traditional version is 75 pieces. After planting such a doll on rebounds, it’s realistic to get a net of about 75 m in length ready for use.

If you want to make a fishing net or repair a finished gear canvas, order a doll of the required parameters on our website. If necessary, managers will assist in the selection of material. Consultation is provided free of charge. Take care of productive fishing - get high-quality gear, materials and accessories for them with minimal personal time and money.

Characteristics Material - Polished fishing line; Manufacturer - Taiwan

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Nylon fishing net, doll Do - yu (150m for 75 cells) Fishing line 0.15-0.30

  • Brand: Golden-Fish
  • Product Code: Сетеполотно, кукла Golden-Fish (150м на 75 ячей) Леска 0.15-0.30
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Nylon fishing net, doll Do - yu (150m for 75 cells) Fishing line 0.15-0.30

Nylon fishing net, doll Do - yu (150m for 75 cells) Fishing line 0.15-0.30

Nylon fishing net, Golden-Fish doll Nets for fishing are one of the earliest inventions of mank..

900.00 грн.