Wheels on a torpedo


A torpedo is a device designed for pulling nets under the ice during winter industrial fishing. Structurally, the device consists of:

• external cylindrical metal housing;

• electric motor and batteries located inside the case;

• two wheels with serrated sharp edges;

• two LEDs that provide illumination of the device while moving under the ice and at the time of stopping.

Before launching a torpedo, an ice hole should be made in the ice. Next, you need to tie the required length of the rope to pull the net for the frame located at the top of the device. After this, it is necessary to make a vacation of about 15 cm and attach this rope to the cord coming out of the torpedo and serving to start and stop it. Correctly performed tying is the guarantee that your device will not float permanently.

Then you can lower the torpedo into the hole and start the engine with a jerk of the cord. The working device should be directed with the bow to where it needs to move and release. Once the task is completed, it is necessary to stop the torpedo in the same jerk as at launch. Near the place where it stops, you need to drill another hole and remove the device from the water. 

The function of the torpedo wheels and possible problems with them

As noted above, the wheels with which the device for pulling nets under the ice is equipped to have serrated edges. Each tooth is well pointed. This is done so that the device receives excellent adhesion to the thickness of frozen water.

As practice shows, thin tin wheels on a torpedo often become unusable or are unscrewed and lost. Therefore, there is a need for their replacement. Some fishermen prefer manual manufacturing of components to order, but a similar solution to the problem is associated with some difficulties:

• firstly, such production is a rarity, and it is done artisanally, so finding the right specialist is not easy;

• secondly, the manufacture requires high professionalism, dexterity and skill, as in this case errors and errors are unacceptable (if the diameter of one wheel is 1-2 mm larger than the other, the torpedo will not be able to move directly, but will begin to circle )

The best solution is to purchase stamped factory wheels that come with the kit. You are guaranteed to receive parts of the same size. The products presented in our catalog have a galvanized surface, which makes them more resistant to corrosion under the influence of water and low temperatures. 

Advantageous offer from our company

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Wheels for a torpedo (Winter)

  • Brand: Kaida
  • Product Code: Колёса для торпеды (Зима)
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Wheels for a torpedo (Winter)

Wheels for a torpedo (Winter)

 Wheels on a torpedo A torpedo is a device designed for pulling nets under the ice during..

114.00 грн.