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 Modern anglers increasingly prefer fishing with nets. This fishing method brings a quick, rich catch, as opposed to fishing. Despite the illegality, this type of fishing is very common, especially in sportfishing, for interest, when the caught fish is released into the wild.

Most often they want to buy an American casting net. This demand is due to the simplicity of design and ease of use. Such a fishing tackle, such as a parachute, consists of a net and a cord, but the difference of this particular model is the presence of rings, which simplify the process of casting the tackle in flight. Casting with a ring is today the best way to fish in your pond. Even a novice can throw it, the lightweight design straightens in flight and covers the desired surface of the reservoir. Due to the presence of lead sinkers located around the entire perimeter of the dome, the tackle slowly sinks to the bottom, forming a trap for caught fish in the form of a bag. Unlike the Spanish women, such tackles do not have special pockets for the additional holding of fish. However, this fact does not prevent them from bringing a good catch.

If you have not tried fishing with such equipment, then you should start using casting nets with a large ring. It will allow casting even on an inclined surface and will be able to open as much as possible, almost without splashing water due to easy unwinding. To cast such gear you do not need to have special skills or train for a long time. 

Varieties of casting nets

Today, many are interested in the casting net. You can buy it in Ukraine of different types:

  • regular;
  • with a small ring;
  • with a big ring (Frisbee)
  • In the latter case, you will be guaranteed a minimum number of difficulties when casting. In any version, you can choose the material from which your fishing equipment will be made. It can be a fishing line or nylon.


The most popular equipment for fishermen is the American-style casting nets. They are suitable for both fishing enthusiasts and fishing professionals. Due to the presence of slings over the entire area, they are easily pulled into a bag and prevent the fish trapped in the trap from floating away. Such nets can be with a fixed aluminum ring for long casts or with a large ring. This model belongs to Frisbee. They differ only in a large plastic ring, and a slightly modified fit of the canvas. It is more suitable for a beginner, thanks to very easy operation. Such nets consist of three rows of rings and can be thrown out of the boat by a simple outburst. Frisbee casting net is very easy to use, quickly opens and sinks to the bottom of the reservoir. Its name - a flying saucer - got this tackle precisely because of the casting method.

If you want to turn the fishing process into a vacation, then you need a casting net with a ring. Buy it is not difficult. Modern specialized stores offer many modifications. However, we recommend that you pay attention to our online store. Here you will find a wide selection of fishing tackle at very affordable prices. You will also appreciate the quality of service and discounts.

For trouble-free fishing, you need to choose the most suitable gear. It is important to take into account all the features of the reservoir on which to fish and weather conditions. If you don’t know what equipment to choose and have long wanted to test in practice all the advantages of a box net, our store will provide you with a large selection of necessary equipment at affordable prices. The solution to your problem is a casting net, an American type parachute. It is convenient to use on any water body. In all weather conditions, you are guaranteed an excellent result in the form of a large and quick catch.

Characteristics Cargo - Lead (External); Material - Kapron 0.8mm; Structure. Type - American; Mesh - 20mm

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Casting net, parachute with Frisbee ring from fishing line Ø4m cell. 14mm (Lead Weight)

  • Brand: Китай
  • Product Code: Кастинговая сеть, парашют из нити Ø4.2м яч.20мм
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  • 999.00 грн.

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Casting net, parachute with Frisbee ring from fishing line Ø4m cell. 14mm (Lead Weight)

Casting net, parachute with Frisbee ring from fishing line Ø4m cell. 14mm (Lead Weight)

Durable fishing line casting chain with Frisbee mobile ringParachute with a big ring  &nb..

999.00 грн.