Winter suits for fishing and hunting

Winter suits for fishing and hunting

Suits for winter fishing. Comfort, safety, and quality.

A professional fisherman should not only have a lot of high-quality equipment, be able to use it correctly and know the places where the treasured trophy is found, and have the appropriate clothes for fishing. The fishermen pay most attention to fishing in the winter. In autumn or spring, you can do without special protection of the body from hypothermia and getting wet, because it will be quite warm sweatshirts and a good windbreaker. In winter, this issue should be approached much more seriously, a simple winter jacket may simply not be enough to withstand dangerous weather.

It should be understood that winter fishing refers to extreme fishing or a hobby. After all, it is not uncommon when you have to catch in not sunny and windy weather. Often, bad weather conditions are accompanied by wet snow. Ordinary household winter clothes are not quite designed for such weather conditions unless of course special equipment is taken into account. That is why it is worthwhile to carefully and balanced approach the selection and selection of clothes for winter fishing.

"Sete Snasti" store is very concerned about its customers and most of all want fishing to bring exceptionally positive emotions. In our store you can find high-quality fishing suits that will become an integral part of winter fishing, will never cause you any inconvenience and will always contribute to the duration of the process of catching fish in the winter.

How to choose the perfect winter fishing suit?

 Before buying a fishing winter suit, you need to answer two main questions, such as:

- Which fishing the method is preferable for you? Depending on which fishing method you prefer, the need for a particular fishing suit changes dramatically. If you are an avid lover of fishing from the shore, you need to look for a suit with a high density of the fabric, because it will be that single obstacle to the piercing winter wind. You should not buy a suit with increased water repellency, because in most cases, fishing will take place on sunny days, and even if the weather changes dramatically, you will already have a tent that will protect from wet snow. The suit should be with high heat retention, because you will be moving a little, therefore, the heat should be kept constant. If you prefer fishing from a boat to the sea, you should buy a suit with maximum water repellency. The constant spray will constantly test your suit. The density of the fabric should also be high because sea winds will constantly try to pierce clothing. But the suit should not retain heat, because you will be constantly on the move and a very warm suit will make you sweat, which is fraught with consequences in strong wind;

- will you fish in any weather, or only on warm sunny days? This question will divide all fishermen into professionals and amateurs. Professionals will not sacrifice winter days and will go fishing every day. Such fishermen need to buy a warmer suit, the fabric of which will be of increased density. Amateur fishermen can buy a less warm suit, which is suitable for lower temperatures.

   The main difference between all these categories of suits is the price. The higher the density of the fabric and the water resistance, the higher the cost of the costume will be, because much more materials will be spent on its production and the quality of such materials will be much higher.

    All fishing suits are built according to one simple principle - maximum protection of places easily accessible to the wind. That is why most of the costumes consist of a high jumpsuit that protects not only the lower back, but also covers most of the back, and the jacket, which also covers the lower back, and in some cases the buttocks. This symbiosis allows us to completely exclude the option when a heavy wind in one way or another is able to “touch” an unprotected part of the body. Lighter costumes can consist of cotton pants to the waist and jacket. This kit also protects your body pretty well from the wind and bad weather, however, the jumpsuit is more practical and convenient for active fishing.

       If after reading what you have, you have doubts about which costume to choose, we are always ready to help you. On the site of the store "Sete Snasti", you can see a fairly wide range of different suits for winter fishing. Each is accompanied by a brief description. Also, you can mark our store and personally not only touch one or another suit but also try on. Our managers and sales consultants are always with great pleasure to help you with the choice and provide an extensive consultation, which will not only reveal the advantages of each costume but also contribute to the perfect selection of a costume in your price range.

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