Creels have a number of characteristics similar to those of a wipe, but they differ significantly in design. Not a tricky fixture is a lot of connected square sections, each of which is a small wipe. Each section has one or two entrances through which crayfish crawl. The principle of fishing is the same, cancer simply can not get out after it gets inside.

     Often, bait is put in the creel, of course, you can use the device from without it, but as practice shows, the catches are much lower than if you used the bait in the fishing process.

     You can always turn to our managers, who with a great pleasure will not only help you with the choice of this or that creels but also tell the whole procedure for its operation.

     Creels have several advantages over conventional fishing because they do not require significant resources. If in the case of fishing with a fishing rod or feeder you need to be constantly on the alert, then, in this case, it will be enough for you to correctly install and fix the creel.

     The main difficulty in using the fishing net is the need for a boat to establish it, or the help of a second fisherman to position the net along the coast. In the case of the creel, you do not need any devices or someone else's help. Creels are made with very strong and long-term materials, often it is nylon, but there can also be a kapron thread. Also, as in the case of the fishing net, the fisherman does not need to constantly be directly next to the creel, it will be enough just to install the devices and leave them under periodic supervision.

     Creels are a unique adaptation thanks to which it is possible to catch not only fish but also crayfish. Of course, there have been cases when a fish swam into a creel, but this is more an exception than an established practice. Creels less often amenable to entanglement and less diverse trash from the water bottom gets into them.

Раколовка чернильница Ø60см (Большая)
Раколовка гармошка (Стандартная) 10-12 входов
Раколовка зонтик 100х100см (6-20 входов)
Раколовка на змейке (8 входов)
Раколовка шестигранная 80х80см (Ручная сборка)
Раколовка поплавок (Автомат)
Раколовка квадратная (Краболовка)
Раколовка шестигранная 100х100см (Ручная сборка)
Раколовка гармошка Усиленная (Кордовая) 3-8 метров
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