Parachutes / Nets / Yaters

Parachutes / Nets / Yaters

Parachute fishing nets, seines, and yaters.

Parachute nets in their nature foreshadow the capture of small fish, up to fifteen centimeters in length. Of course, quite often large specimens become pleasant prey for fishing, but you should not rely on this constantly.

Parachute fishing nets are not much different from casting fishing nets. The main difference is the lack of special rings that help tighten the net when it is pulled out of the water. The net when it hits the surface of the reservoir simply sinks to the bottom due to the presence of weights across the entire width of the net. The fish does not have time to swim away in time, because the weights that are used are quickly immersed.

The most common way to fish in a shallow pond is to use netting or netting.

 Wipe is a small cone-shaped product up to 2 meters long, the base of which is made of an aluminum rod with an outer diameter covered with a mesh. Inside the structure is another cone, but already smaller. Sailing inside the cone through a wider hole, the fish have no chance of escaping from the wipe due to its design.

 The most important advantage of the wipe is its simplicity. Cope with the use of wipe can not only a beginner but even a teenager. Installing it is also extremely simple, just stretch the fixture and fix it in 2 edges along the length.

 It is best to use wipe at the end of summer when the water has dropped significantly and small places appear where you can easily install a simple device.

 The main catch of the wipe is crayfish, which often creep inward, but quite often large specimens of fish, especially predators, can chase small fish in pursuit of them and turn out to be the prey of this device.

   There are two types of wipe, bait, and bait-free.

Bait wipe is used for catching crayfish. Inside the wipe there is a special pocket in which to put the bait, often it is rotten meat or fish. Baits without bait are used to catch fish. The wipe is left in a secluded place at the bottom of the reservoir for several days.

Wipes differ from each other by the diameter of the cell, the length, and the material of which they are made.

 In general, both scavenger and creel are an ideal fishing device for use by both beginner fishing and experienced fishermen. Even a teenager can cope with their operation, and the ease of installation will be pleasantly pleasing to every fishing trip.

 The net is not much different from ravings, however, these are different types of fishing devices. The main difference between seine and ravings is the absence of a cooler in a net. Kul is a special pocket located in the center of ravings. The fish that got into the kul has no chance to swim.

The principle of net fishing is similar to nonsense, however, the net is more often used in industrial fishing.

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Ятерь рыболовный (Кубарь, верша, пружина)
Парашют, кастинговая сеть с кольцом Фризби Ø4м яч.12мм (Леска)
Ятерь-раколовка круглая (3 входа)
Парашют из тройной лески Ø4м яч.25мм (Свинцовый груз)
Парашют, кастинговая сеть с кольцом Фризби Ø4м яч.16мм (Нить)
Ятерь на 2 бочки с крылом
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