Thread spiders

Thread spiders

      A fishing spider made of thread is an incredible tackle strength.

      The fishing spider, in which the web is made of thread, often kapron, is an absolute combination of quality, strength, and ease of use. On our website, you can familiarize yourself with the features of a fishing spider in which a network fiber made of nylon or fishing line in order to compare the capabilities and features of each fishing spider individually.

      The main difference between a fishing spider in which the web is made of nylon and a fishing spider, in which the web made of thread is that in the latter there is significantly higher net strength. It is despite this fact that fishermen, who often catch large fish thanks to a fishing spider, give them preference to him.

     We suggest you study in detail the pros and cons of a fishing spider, in which a web made of thread. The pluses include:

- high strength materials;

- the possibility of transportation without the risk of entanglement;

- the minimum a risk that the net can be torn, both during fishing and during transportation;

- the ability to catch not only fry and small fish, but also catch fish weighing more than a kilogram;

- good camouflage net in muddy water.

     But unfortunately, these fishing spiders have a number of minuses that can adversely affect the process of fishing:

- increase in the weight of the fishing line after the first immersion in water;

- poor camouflage in flowing and clean reservoirs;

- the thread becomes unusable much faster, if not properly stored, than nylon.

     In general, a fishing spider, in which a web made of thread, is an excellent analog not only to a spider, in which a web made of the fishing line but also to fishing nets. This fishing attribute is ideal for catching both large and small fish, which is often very important, due to the absence of a second spider.

     Most of the success in fishing depends on the right size of the fishing spider. Sometimes, even in large bodies of water, large spiders bring more inconvenience than good. Remember, large fishing spiders (whose diagonal exceeds 2.5 meters) are best used only on clean reservoirs or rivers, only then it will be possible to achieve maximum results, and not engage in constant cleaning of the fishing spider from debris, dirt, and algae.

      Before choosing this or that type of fishing spider, it will be necessary to objectively assess the conditions and place of fishing, and only then make a purchase. You can go to "Sete Snasti" store, where experienced managers will be happy to help you find the right product. All the products that you can find on the shelves of our store passed quality tests and showed very high results. Also, we want to note that all the goods that are presented in our store have significantly lower prices than in other stores, because we import most of the goods from other countries with our own hands, or we work directly with manufacturers.

 Fishing spider nylon 1/1 m (Fat, malyavochnik)
Рыболовный паук Капроновый 2 на 2м (Фатка, малявочник)
Рыболовный паук капроновый 2.5 на 2.5м (Фатка, малявочник)
Рыболовный паук капроновый 3 на 3м (Фатка, малявочник)
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