Fishing line spiders

Fishing line spiders

Fishing spiders made of fishing line.

         A fishing spider made of fishing line is the key to not only successful but also fast and very interesting fishing. Of course, the fishermen who often use nets during fishing can no longer change when their fishing ended to no avail because fishing with nets is much more effective than specific fishing. But do not forget that when fishing with a net there are a lot of nuances and difficulties, and when fishing with a fishing rod, it is impossible to achieve the desired results. The perfect combination of comfort about catchability became a fishing spider. It is the fishing spider in which the network is made of fishing line that will be an easy, convenient and very catchy device.

Most fishermen use fishing spiders solely for the purpose of catching fry; in the people, such spiders are called very simply - “the little painter”. Do not think that the possibilities of a spider on this are limited, this is not a true fallacy. You can easily catch a fishing spider and a fairly large fish. Of course, for the industrial catch of large fish in large volumes, a fishing net will be more practical, but if you do not have the desire or need for such a rich catch, a fishing spider will be more than enough.

The main part of the fishing spider is the web. Often, this network fabric is made of nylon or fishing line, a fairly thin diameter. The network web has a square shape, at the corners of which arcs are attached.

The main advantage of a fishing spider, in which the web is made of fishing line, is its lightness. Even a 2.5 by 2.5-meter spider will not require a lot of physical effort. The fishing line does not absorb moisture, so its weight does not change until it is lowered into the water and after being pulled out of the water.

Of course, where there are pluses, there should be minuses. A fishing spider that uses a fishing net from a fishing line has a better chance of tearing when hooked on a snag or branch. Also, there is the possibility that, if improperly transported, it can get confused. But even these minuses can not be compared with its subtlety, invisibility, and ease of use. Some fishermen consider excessive buoyancy of fishing line as a minus. Let this not bother you, because thanks to the aluminum arches, the fishing spider quickly sinks to the bottom, thereby pressing the network fiber to the bottom surface.

Every fisherman can cope with a fishing spider, it all depends on the size of the spider and the skills available.

In our store you can purchase a net for fishing spiders in the following sizes:

- 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters;

- 2 meters by 2 meters;

- 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters;

- 3 meters by 3 meters.

It should be remembered that the size of the spider should be directly proportional to the pond on which you are going to catch, the depth of the pond, the flow or not the flow of the water, and also the topography. If you are in doubt or have not fully studied all these issues, you can always turn to the highly qualified managers of our store who will easily help not only to select the necessary equipment but also tell you about all the subtleties of its use and operation.

Паук рыболовный из лески 1.5 на 1.5м (Фатка, малявочник)

Паук рыболовный из лески 1.5 на 1.5м (Фатка, малявочник)


175.00 грн.

Паук рыболовный из лески 2 на 2м (Фатка, малявочник)
Паук рыболовный из лески 2.5 на 2.5м (Фатка, малявочник)
Паук рыболовный из лески 3 на 3м (Фатка, малявочник)
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