Dougie on the spider

Dougie on the spider

The main feature of the fishing spider is its simplicity, no, this does not mean at all that the fish will be able to easily escape from this tackle, the exact opposite is true, almost never happens that tackle does not bring the expected result during fishing.

Often, fishing spiders are very durable, in particular, the fishing spiders that our store sells are a great example of high-quality gear, but sometimes it happens that the gear breaks. Breakdowns are very different, ranging from a break in the net web, ending with a breakdown of the arc, which is the basis of gear.

We want to focus your attention not only on the breakdown and repair process of arcs on a spider, but also on their characteristics.

It is worthwhile to understand that the design of the spider is such that four arcs are attached at the corners of the web with one end, and the other end connected with each other using a cross.

Arc for a fishing spider differ in some criteria:

• quality (thickness and quality of steel or aluminum from which they are made);

• length (depending on the size of the net);

• type of fastening (there are arcs that are attached thanks to the crosspiece, there are arcs that cling to the net web at both ends).

In the "Sete Tackle" shop you can see arcs of the following sizes and characteristics:

- Arcs measuring 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters;

- Arc size of 2 meters by 2 meters;

- Collapsible arches measuring 2 meters by 2 meters;

- Collapsible arches measuring 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters.

You should pay attention to the fact that all of the above arcs has a classification code - "improved", which means that the arcs are made of more expensive and high-quality metal, which significantly extends their service life.

In our store, ready-made sets of arcs for fishing spiders are sold, which greatly simplifies the process of selecting materials, because all the crosses are made for a specific diameter and type of arcs. All arcs have a branch on one side, with which the grid is attached, which allows you to reliably fix the net on the spider.

There are two most popular types of arches for a fishing spider:

- arcs that are made of aluminum;

 - arcs made of metal.


Before buying this or that, you should understand what their difference is. Metal arcs are significantly superior in weight to their aluminum counterparts. The weight of metal arcs is compensated by their strength, aluminum arcs are much easier to bend. Corrosion, it should be remembered that untreated metal during long-term contact with water begins to rust, in this it is necessary to see the advantage of aluminum arcs. In general, it should be summarized that, depending on the area of ​​the net and the expected catch, you should determine what type of arc you need. If the canvas is more than 2 meters, you should opt for metal; aluminum arches will ideally hold a smaller canvas.

 The best solution before buying both accessories for a fishing spider and the spider itself is to contact the managers of the "Sete Tackle" store. It is our employees who will be able to choose not only the right type of fishing tackle, but will also be able to explain in detail the feasibility of acquiring a particular spider, depending on the type of pond where you will fish, the level of fishing skills and of course the end result of the expected catch.

Arc on the spider 1.5x1.5 (Improved)

Arc on the spider 1.5x1.5 (Improved)

Arches for the spider improved 1.5х1.5 (Polymeric covering)  Buying arcs for a spider is ..

420.00 грн.

Arc on a spider 2x2 (Superior)

Arc on a spider 2x2 (Superior)

Arc for the spider improved 2x2 (Polymeric covering)  Choosing arches for a spider is a ta..

437.00 грн.

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches on the spider 2x2 (Polymeric covering)  If you want to build a 2-by-2-..

500.00 грн.

Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

Collapsible arcs on the spider 2.5x2.5 (Improved.)

Collapsible arches for a spider 2,5х2,5 (Polymeric covering)  The fact that you need to b..

684.50 грн.

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