Lingoes | are Floats

Lingoes | are Floats

Cell sizeEach fisherman who wants to get a decent catch, uses fishing nets.  Often, they are used for industrial purposes, but very many fishermen are lovers and don't like to fish using nets.  In the shop Fish Place you can find a fishing net for any level of skill.

 The fishing net keeps on the surface of the reservoir thanks to floats and weights.  Due to the symbiosis of these two elements, the net canvas is located under water, thereby creating a kind of partition, floating through which, the fish gets tangled.  The principle of using a fishing net float is very simple.  The float is intertwined or attached to the upper cord of the network, thereby ensuring its buoyancy.  Some manufacturers instead of floats use a floating cord, which is equally well performs the functions of a float.  Floats perfectly show themselves and perform the necessary functions both on the standing water and on the fast course of the river, and even on high sea waves.

 Most of the current floats are made of dense and extruded foam, which is excellent for any load and is almost not damaged.  On cheaper networks you can see the floats made of soft foam.  Immediately we want to draw your attention to the fact that they are less likely to tolerate pressure loads and salinity than their solid counterparts.  We strongly recommend buying extruded floats, because they are less confused, do not harm the network canvas and can be used both in summer and in winter.  In any case, you can turn to one of our managers, and he with great pleasure and absolutely free of charge will provide you with the necessary advice and tell you in more detail about the advantages of one or another type of float.

 Float with solid foam is used not only in industrial fishing nets.  Nonsense, trawls and even "spiders" have in themselves this type of floats.  On our site you can see the floats in white and black colors.  In our electronic catalogs, each customer will be able to find floats ranging in size from 17 x 11 mm to 110 x 45 mm .. Small sizes are sold in packages of 100 pieces, large ones are sold by the piece.  Depending on the volume of the order, we are ready to repack the goods according to your requirements.

 The main advantages of floats, which you can buy in the shop Fish Place:

 - Ability to manufacture floats for each individual order (more detailed information can be obtained from one of the store managers);

 - Very high quality of the goods offered.  All floats and cords are repeatedly tested for technical compliance and quality control.

 - Large amounts of products in the warehouses of the store.  We are ready for large orders, regardless of the quantity of the desired product.

 - Various diameters of the internal holes of the floats.  In our store you can buy floats that have a thickness of the inner hole of 2 mm.

 You can see the whole range of goods on the site of the fish shop site.  Due to the fact that we work directly from manufacturers, we are always ready to fulfill an individual order of each of our customers.  If you have a specific network or there is a need to purchase unique floats, you can call the Fish Place shop without thinking.  We are very pleased to help everyone who turns to us.

 Each customer will be able to purchase products with one simple click.  If you need more detailed information, you can always call one of the numbers listed on the site, or write to our email address.  We always welcome new customers and always look forward to everyone who has ever bought from us.

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