Cords / Fishing line / Threads

Cords / Fishing line / Threads

All industrial fishing gear requires not only special attention and care, but also a very reverent approach to the choice of their components, and especially the materials with which they are made.  The use of industrial fishing nets is aimed at a large catch, which has a huge weight, as a result, the voltage on the main components of the net will be very high, which is fraught with a gap, in case of neglect of quality.  It is for this reason that you need to choose only high-quality and strong materials that have been repeatedly tested and will be able to provide the necessary level of reliability and will serve for a long time regardless of the reservoir where they will be used.  These are the components you can buy in the shop "Sete Snasti".

 By purchasing fishing lines or cords in our store, you can use them with absolute confidence, regardless of the place of fishing.  All our cords and lines have:

 - high strength;

 - a wide range of their application;

 - increased buoyancy;

 - very high rates of sensitivity;

 - a total absence of stretching or deformation.

 The ideal material for the manufacture of fishing line is nylon.  Due to its physical properties, it does not stretch the fishing line and contributes to its strength.  Nylon is very durable, some fishing lines do not dry out and do not fade even after ten years of use, this despite the fact that the fishing line is constantly in contact with water and is exposed to direct sunlight.  The main difference between a cheap fishing line and more expensive counterparts is the presence of the so-called “memory” of the fishing line.  When the fishing line is in a twisted state for a long time, after unwinding it does not become straight, but remains in the form of a spring.  Unfortunately, this is no longer possible to fix and one has to either try to use the line in this form or throw it away and buy a new, better one.  In the shop "Sete Snasti" you can find a huge assortment of various woods and cords, which will suit you for the price and I can surprise you with high quality.

Polypropylene cord for fishing nets.

 Today, more and more fishermen are beginning to use polypropylene fishing cords in time for the production itself or for repairing the fishing net.  Of course, in the store net with this cord attract more attention than the usual net with a nylon cord.

 The main features of the cord are that it does not fade or dry under the influence of ultraviolet rays almost does not stretch and is able to withstand higher loads than their nylon counterparts.

 There are two most popular types of polypropylene cords - twisted and braided.  Twisted strings are often made of 3 thin laces, which ultimately form one very strong cord.  Braided cords are composed of synthetic fibers, thanks to which the cord becomes more rigid.  It is worth noting that twisted cords are much more durable and better quality than braided.  In the shop "Sete Snasti" there is a huge selection of polypropylene cords of various diameters and of various lengths.

 Fishing threads.

 Most of the threads are made from good old nylon or rarer polyamide.  The fishing string is used in almost all spheres of our life, and the fishing industry has become an exception.  In fishing, the nylon thread is used during the repair of the net-runner and the net as a whole, instead of cutting, for sewing or repairing products from thick materials and, most importantly, for the direct manufacture of the net.  Most of the old landing net and cages were made of nylon thread.  Due to its durability and low cost, this thread has won the trust of all categories of fishermen.  The main and only disadvantage of the nylon thread is the negative influence of the sun rays and time on it, which lead to the drying of the thread and, as a result, to the impossibility of using it for its intended purpose.  In our store provided a wide selection of nylon threads.  You can get a free consultation from our managers, thanks to which you can understand how to properly use the thread for many years.

 All the threads and cords that you can buy at the "Sete Snasti" shop undergo multiple checks and all sorts of tests due to which.  We select and offer to purchase only the best products in a particular category.

Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

Filament a kapron : bobbin 200, 400, 900 gramme (Different thickness)

Kapron thread of high quality standards (200-900 grams) One of the most popular hobbies among ..

71.25 грн.

A cord landing wattled 100м

A cord landing wattled 100м


79.80 грн.

Cord polypropylene Marmara 200м Green
Cord polypropylene Marmara 200м Blue
Cord landing wattled. Kapron of 100м
Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 * 2, reel 1.5 kg

Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 * 2, reel 1.5 kg

Thread twisted polyamide (caprone) 187 *2, reel 1.5 kg  Fishing yarns have long been regar..

247.00 грн.

A cord is floating Finnish 6 gramme/of 1м, 75м
A cord is floating Finnish 8 gramme/of 1м, 75м
A cord floating with a float in a cord 12 gramme/of 1м, 75м
A cord floating with a float in a cord 8 gramme/of 1м, 300м
Cord cargo hard braided 210m

Cord cargo hard braided 210m


741.00 грн.

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