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Every professional fisherman at least once in his life tried to independently make a fishing net.  Of course, the task is not easy, but if you acquire the necessary material and accessories, you can achieve success.  You can completely weave the network yourself, or you can buy a network web and floats and weights are being imposed directly on it.  Net canvas is sold in coiled form.  In the people it is called simply - "doll".  In the shop Fish Place is just a huge selection of all possible dolls of different sizes and made with different types of material.

 The fishing doll is often made of fishing line or caprone, less often of nylon.  The standard length of the network web is 100-150 meters, and the height is 75 cells (2 meters).  By itself, the doll will not bring any benefit to the fisherman in the course of fishing.  You just will not be able to install it.  For the target use on top of the doll you need to attach the floats or a floating cord, and below the load, which will correspond to the floats.  On the side edges, you can add not large parts of the usual cable in order to be able to connect the network with each other, or attach to the buoys.

 Today there is a huge variety of network canvases, it all depends on your desire and capabilities.  The diameter of the cells is the same as in standard networks - from 20 mm to 110 mm.  The thickness of the thread can be from 0.15 to 0.3 mm.  You should always understand that when choosing a net canvas, you must take into account the type of reservoir, its depth and, of course, understand which fish you plan to hunt, because the diameter of the cells and the thickness of the net canvas itself depend on its size.  Turning to the shop Fish Place, you can get expert advice from our managers who can choose the perfect network, depending on your wishes and place of fishing.

 What is a daly and how is it used in fishing?

 Daly is a type of net canvas that is used in the production of ravings, nets and podsak.  Often it is made from a kapron thread, less often from nylon.  But delle is not known for fishing alone, you can also see it in the form of a fence, under water.  On our site you can find all possible types of delays, which will differ only in the way of weaving, the diameter of the cells and the thickness of the thread.  There are two of the most popular types of Daley:

 - No nodal.  The structure of such a deli is smooth, has a small weight and is very safe for fish that have a fragile gloss.

 - Nodal.  Proceeding from the name, it becomes clear that there are nodules all over the web that prevent the fish from moving towards their salvation.

 On the site of the Fish Place store, a variety of dells are offered: different heights, long and with different cell diameters.  You can view the electronic catalog, or consult with our managers, they will help you find the perfect dale that fits your type of reservoir.

  Why is it worth buying in the shop Fish place?

 You can even without thinking to buy dolls or deli in our store, because we work only with reliable suppliers who are already the first year on the market for fishing products.  All products that are provided in our store undergo many checks for compliance with quality.  All network canvases presented in our store have the following positive qualities:

 - elasticity (all network canvases are very soft);

 - resistance to ultraviolet rays (our products do not fade in the sun and do not shrink);

 - quality products (all products are made very high quality, there is no marriage);

 - the presence of antifungal impregnation (network canvases will not smell and contaminate the reservoir);

 - stealth in the water (due to the production method, the network canvases are almost not visible under water);

 - no tendency to entangle (thanks to manufacturing techniques, the networks do not get tangled during transportation).

 All the above listed features once again confirm the quality of our products.  Buying from us, you will avoid unpleasant surprises while fishing, it will be long and with great pleasure to use every tackle.All products except high reliability have another distinctive feature - the democratic price.  We buy large quantities of goods due to the large number of orders, thereby ensuring the lowest price.

 In the fish shop you can pick up the goods you need, hear a qualified consultation. Of course, you will receive a pleasant bonus when you purchase large quantities of goods in one order.  In more detail you can learn from our managers.  Buying from us, you do not even need to leave the house or leave your workplace.  A few simple clicks and the product is already going to you, or our manager is already dialing a mobile phone, which will be indicated by you.  Everything is very simple, fast and of course quality.  We are waiting for you with us.

Del kapron 93,5x3 Kasimov Ø6 - 60 (by the meter)
Penguin doll from fishing line (150m to 75yach) ∅20-100mm
Сетеполотно, кукла "До - юй" ( 150м на 75яч ) Леска 0.15-0.30
Порежь, кукла для рыболовной сети Ø200-230 (150х12яч)
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.15 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅30-50мм
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.18 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅30-60мм
Кукла рыболовная капроновая (29х3 текс) ∅18-100мм
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.20 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅40-80мм
Сетеполотно, кукла Golden-Fish (200х200яч) 0.15 Леска
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.25 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅60-80мм
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.28 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅70-100мм
Кукла Японская - BARRACUDA из 0.30 лески (150м на 75яч) ∅80-120мм
Кукла рыболовная капроновая (29х6 текс) ∅70-100мм
Кукла рыболовная капроновая (93,5х3 текс) ∅90-150мм
Кукла из скрученой лески (0.18х4) ∅30-100мм, 150м на 100ячей
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