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Net materials

Every self-respecting fisherman should have not only constantly used fishing equipment, but also, as they say, equipment in stock.  You will never be able to foresee any break in the net, the entanglement of the net web or the drying of the main cable.  We strongly recommend that before the upcoming fishing carefully checks the remaining stocks of fishing gear, and even better, visit the store or site "Sete Snasti" and buy a snap-in reserve, because no one wants to miss the opportunity to catch the long-awaited trophy because of their own carelessness.

 In order to always be ready for fishing, not to think about transferring fishing, always receive a planned catch, all our customers come to our shop before buying fishing and buy necessary goods, such as:

 - cords;

 - fishing line;

 - net canvases;

 - threads for nets;

 - net floats and weights.

 You can see a more detailed and complete list of goods directly in our store or specify the availability of goods by phone.

 Net canvas.

  A fishing a doll is an empty net canvas that is the basis for a future fishing net.  The doll itself will not bring any benefit to you, it is necessary to complete it with floats and weights, and attach cords to them, which will make it possible to turn the canvas into a full-fledged fishing net and begin its full use.  Each doll can be made either from a  nylon thread or from a fishing line.

 In the shop "Sete Snasti" you can find fishing dolls of standard sizes 150m x 75 cells or 200m x 200 cells of various colors.  We are always ready to make fishing cloth of almost any size by prior order.  More detailed information can be clarified with our managers.



 Cords for planting a net canvas exist in thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm., Whose length can be from 50 to 200 meters, are often sold in bundles, for the purpose of ease of transport.

 In our store, both ordinary cords and floating cords (cords in which floats are already imposed) are provided, and of course cords with weights, thanks to which the net can stretch underwater.

 Floats and weights for fishing nets.

 On the site of the shop "Sete Snasti", you can see a huge selection of a wide variety of floats for the grid.  Often, they are made of extruded durable foam, which is provided in the form of a ball or barrel.  It floats provide the buoyancy of the grid and does not allow it to fall to the bottom.  Of course, they are used not only in nets, many use them instead of buoys.

 In our store, there are two main types of weights - crimp and with a hole inside.  Based on the names, it immediately becomes clear that crimp weights can be attached along the length of the entire mesh at any time; weights with holes should be added step by step along the length of the cable.

 Should I make the fishing net myself?

 To date, store shelves and electronic catalogs are simply crammed with all sorts of goods, which are in easy accessibility for every customer.  A large number of goods of course Chinese-made.  Of course, not everyone wants to buy Chinese goods, they order Japanese or Korean nets, which are much higher quality, but they are several times more expensive.  But there is a large percentage of fishermen who themselves produce nets.  The main advantage of a self-made net is, of course, its full compliance with your expectations.  We want to draw your attention to other advantages of self-made nets, such as:

 - high quality.  Each fisherman chooses not only quality products but also a very responsible approach to their combination and installation.

 - the price is considerably lower than the finished analogs.  It is not a secret that a ready-made fishing net will be much cheaper than a self-assembled fishing net.  You compensate for the cost with your time spent.

 - absolute adaptation to the conditions of fishing.  Making a net with your own hands, you can make it suitable for a specific reservoir depending on the depth, type of reservoir and of course the fish you plan to catch. If you decide not only to build a net with your own hands, but also very exciting, and most importantly, spend your leisure time with benefits, you can safely go to the site of the "Sete Snasti" and buy all the necessary goods. 

If you are confused about any issue or simply do not know which product will best fit this or that net canvas, our managers will always be ready to help you.  Also, you can always come to our store and check all the goods for quality, or just to evaluate and not just the picture.  Successes and good luck to you.