Torpedoes for broaching

Torpedoes for broaching

Most of the potential visitors to our store does not have any problems installing and using fishing nets in the warm season. But the task is how to put the net in the winter? Because of the ice, a stationary approach to installing nets is simply not possible, but industrial fishing must be carried out for a whole year. Of course, you can try and cut out most of the ice, or long and hard to cut the necessary line along which the net will be stretched, but this all requires tremendous effort, time and human resources.

Manufacturers took care of this need and solved this problem. To install nets under the ice, fishermen use underwater rockets or torpedoes. The people simply - "Moon rover." Not a tricky device that allows you to stretch nets over long distances in the winter. On the website of "Sete Snasti" store, you can not only purchase torpedoes but also many extremely important spare parts, such as wheels, screws, batteries and other details.

What is fishing torpedo?

Based on the name, its appearance, and design are immediately presented. A fishing torpedo differs from a combat torpedo only in the absence of an explosive device.

The lunar rover has a cylindrical shape, slightly conical at the beginning. Often, made of plastic or steel. Inside, it is hollow, so it keeps afloat. Also, inside is a motor that turns a screw or wheels and batteries to it. The main feature of our torpedoes is the presence of wheels with very sharp teeth, which allow the torpedo to cling to ice and move underwater even faster. The body is equipped with LEDs that turn on at the moment of the torpedo's movement, which makes it very easy to observe the trajectory of its movement in the dark.

If you decide not only on winter fishing but also on the use of a torpedo, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a brief instruction on the use of this equipment:

1) Check the thickness of the ice, it should be at least 7 cm .;

2) Cut through the hole;

3) Take the rope that is attached to the grid and connect it to the rope attached to the dashboard;

4) Launch the torpedo with a quick jerk of the rope and lower it into the hole in the direction in which you want to stretch the net;

5) The device will move under the ice, stretching the rope to which the net is attached;

6) When the device stops, cut another hole next to it and remove the lunar rover;

7) Pull the rope that was tied to the dashboard and stretch the net between the holes.

    Especially for prolonging the life of the torpedo, there is a special bolt in the bow, by unscrewing it you can drain the water that could get inside.

Fishing torpedo is a universal device that will help to establish a fishing net under the ice of any thickness. Its use will not be a hassle or inconvenience. Both a novice fisherman and an avid professional can cope with the torpedo. A simple, but very reliable and high-quality design will allow the use of a torpedo more than one winter.

 Please note that in "Sete Snasti" store exclusively high-quality torpedoes and spare parts are provided. Buying from us, you get not only the necessary goods but also constant consulting support from our managers. You can safely call during business hours and our sellers or managers with a great pleasure will talk about all the subtleties of the product or the process of its use.

Shop "Sete Snasti" sells only high-quality and reliable products that have passed all kinds of checks and will fully perform the necessary functions for a long time. We have the lowest prices because we work exclusively with suppliers and distributors. Affordable prices and high quality have been pleasing our customers for 5 years and bring positive emotions not only from the fishing process but also from captured trophies.

Wheels for a torpedo (Winter)

Wheels for a torpedo (Winter)

 Wheels on a torpedo A torpedo is a device designed for pulling nets under the ice during..

114.00 грн.

Torpedo for pulling nets (Metallic)

Torpedo for pulling nets (Metallic)

 Metal torpedo Commercial fishing with nets does not stop even in the cold season. But th..

641.25 грн.

Torpedo for pulling nets (plastic)

Torpedo for pulling nets (plastic)

Plastic torpedo          The cold season and icy ponds are not an obstacle..

917.70 грн.

Torpedo for pulling nets with battery (Plastic)

Torpedo for pulling nets with battery (Plastic)

Turbo-torpedo fishing plastic on the battery (with shockproof housing) for installing fishing nets ..

1,396.50 грн.

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