About Us

To buy much easier for someone to catch.

Do you have an undeniable desire to go fishing? First, you should definitely visit the online store setesnasti.com.ua because here you can find all the necessary goods and fishing paraphernalia, which You will certainly need. We are not just themselves recommend, shop “Sete Snasti” for more than 5 years brings a lot of pleasure from buying, selling highest quality products at the best prices. Our huge range and a wide selection of fishing equipment will interest every buyer.

Once logged site “Sete Snasti”, You will immediately be surprised by the value of the goods it is much lower than other stores. It's all thanks to the fact that we work directly from the manufacturers or distributors. All goods are of high quality and have passed numerous checks as store employees and independent experts, many of whom are professionals in the fishing sport.

The electronic catalog will help you determine the choice, and our highly qualified managers will be able to quickly and accurately deliver the goods directly to You, thereby to approximate the time of the capture of the long-awaited trophy.

What does a “Sete Snasti” store for their valued customers?

The whole range, and the list of the goods you can see on our website, in the electronic catalog, in case you will not find the necessary position, there is always the possibility to call us and make reservations or to inquire about product availability.

 The electronic catalog and the website itself is very simple and easy to use, all information is open and available. Characteristics and description of each product is written in great detail, precisely and in detail. Next to each item stated the actual price.

On the website setesnasti.com.ua You can find very high quality, and most importantly, necessary for any fisherman, the products, which include:

- all kinds of products for industrial fishing;

 - boat, ridge, motor and goods;

- the goods for fishing sports

- leisure furniture outdoors and camping.


For more than five years shop “Sete Snasti”  and its experienced and qualified staff sell high-quality goods. Since the founding of store, the main criterion was the quality of products sold. For 5 years we learned to understand the needs of our buyers with a semi word so that all purchases occur very quickly, the buyer not to spend the extra time, the product fully meet the expectations of the fisherman and of course, the capture of the coveted trophy was not long in coming.

Fishermen from all over Ukraine recommended shop fishing spot.

When our store first opened, we had a narrow range of buyers, in one of the regions of Ukraine. Over time, the circle of customers started to grow, and our store. I want to draw Your attention that our store has never advertised in the newspaper. Solely due to the positive feedback of buyers, we sell the goods all over Ukraine and has a lot of orders from fishermen of neighboring States.

We are very customer-oriented and the store in spite of this fact, we always ask, and sometimes even consult with buyers about what can be done better and why they chose us. The following is a list of the most common response of buyers to the question: "Why did you decide for “Sete Snasti” store?":

 1. With them very easy and pleasant to work with. They have a large team of experienced and highly qualified employees who help not only to choose the right product but always tell you that it would be better to take in supplements depending on fishing conditions and locations.

 2. A very nice price. Shop fishing works directly from manufacturers, thus ensuring affordable prices. I have repeatedly seen the same product in other stores, which did not differ in quality and description, the only difference was in price. At a “Sete Snasti”  place it is much lower and product quality is identical.

 3. Quality product. For several years, buying the necessary fishing paraphernalia exclusively a Fish place and she never did not fail me. They are very selective in the choice of the supplier and of the product itself. The whole product is very much tested.

 4. Everything happens very quickly. Whether it's a primitive question from a buyer, please give recommendations or the purchase of goods, all in the shortest possible time. Managers immediately come to contact, all very in detail and clearly tell and place orders in minutes. Never had delays, unanswered questions or not delivered goods on time.

5. Shipping. “Sete Snasti”  place delivers to all regions of Ukraine. No matter whether it is a capital or a small town, they will do everything possible to ensure You get your order on time. The order is processed the same day and within a few hours, you already get an SMS with tracking number, for tracking purposes.

6. This shop does a lot for free for the benefit of buyers. Any advice or recommendation from the store employee is absolutely free. No matter how much time he spent on it, staff is always ready to help. Many times I received gifts from shop fishing and, of course, it wasn't the most expensive items, nevertheless, been very pleasantly surprised.

7. Fishing gives a guarantee of the product that they sell. If suddenly so happened that You have purchased a product that has a manufacturing defect or marriage, can safely go to the store, the goods will be at the same moment replaced without any questions.

8. You can pay both in cash and cashless payments. Very convenient, each customer can pay by a card or transfer money to a Bank account at the same time, You can pay cash directly at the store or at the time of receipt of delivery.

9. Shop fishing and there is a loyalty program that really works. When buying a product You get a percentage of the product on the card, in the form of a cumulative bonus, which can partially or completely pay for your next purchase, or you can get a discount card with a fixed discount percentage.

10. The item can be returned if necessary. Repeatedly bought the goods and only the next day realized that you had to buy another (often more). I immediately went to the store and changed I needed. Of course, if you have kept his presentation and had the check on hand. The store is very kind to the rights of consumers and honors the legislation of Ukraine to the smallest detail.

We appreciate each of our customers. Buying in store “Sete Snasti”  spot You will not only acquire quality and proven product, and become part of our team. Thanks to the reviews and recommendation of our customers, we are constantly increasing the range and number of customers.

 I have the desire to buy the right fishing equipment? Don't waste your time, go to the site shop fishing and soon You will become the happy owner of high-quality merchandise.