Features of the choice of fishing net

  • Features of the choice of fishing net

As practice shows, fishing with nets is the most simple and effective.  Using them in the process of catching fish, it is possible to spend a minimum of resources, while getting a good catch.  Often, this method of fishing is used to obtain the maximum amount of fish in the shortest possible time.  At the same time, newcomers are often interested in which networks it is better to buy, single-wall or three-walled, as well as what should be emphasized when choosing such a convenient and practical product.

 What to look for when buying?

 There are key features that need to be paid attention to without fail.  This is about:

 · Cell size.  This criterion affects the kind of fish that falls into the net.  So, the smallest models are suitable for the smallest fish.  With the help of larger can be caught perch, carp, roach, and so on.  Nets with a medium cell are suitable for pikes, pike perch, bream.  As for the largest ones, this is the best option for large fish, such as, for example, carp.

 · Designs.  The selection of this parameter should be carried out depending on which species of fish prevails in a particular water body.  Now on the market single-wall and multi-walled products are actively represented.  The first are used to catch a certain type of fish.  As for the second, they allow you to catch without taking into account the size and weight category of specific instances.

 · Dimensions.  To correctly determine the length of the network, it is necessary to consider the size of the reservoir.  Do not forget that the longer the product is, the harder it is to install it alone.

 Thus, if you know how to choose the right net for fishing, you can count on the most successful catch.

 What else should be emphasized before buying?

 Another important criterion is grid strength.  It depends primarily on the size of the fish that swims in the pond, as well as its volume.  The larger the variety and the larger the catch, the higher the level of strength should be.  In general, strength with confidence can be called a key point for those reservoirs in which there are many pebbles and protruding sticks, plants.  Therefore, so that the network in any case does not break, it is better to make a choice in favor of more durable materials.

 The next point to which attention should be paid is the class of networks.  It is presented in three types and is light, medium, heavy.  Lightweight is an ideal option for calm water bodies of insignificant area, where a small catch of small varieties is planned.  If the reservoir is standing, but the fish is larger, it is better to choose the middle class.  But for the sick catch on the turbulent rivers is perfect heavy.

 Many are also interested in where to buy fishing nets.  It is better to do this in proven specialized online stores where products from reliable and well-established manufacturers are offered.  If additional questions arise, it is better to immediately contact qualified managers of the company.  They will tell you how much the fishing net costs, give useful tips and help with choosing the best option that is guaranteed to meet customer expectations.