Features fishing casting net

  • Features fishing casting net

If the process of catching with the help of standard nets is often positioned as professional and poaching, then the casting net is an exception to the rules and belongs to the usual active catch.  It is installed in a stationary mode and can not move the boat, and the catch in this case is carried out manually.  Today, many want to buy a parachute or casting net in Ukraine, because this device has proven itself in a positive way and has a lot of advantages.

 The principle of catching the casting net

 Despite the functionality and affordable price of the above described, not all anglers prefer to use it.  And this is not at all surprising, since even in ancient times fishing, implying the use of such a device, was classic in Asian and South American countries.  The local fishermen were aware of many tricks that allow them to achieve excellent results and effectively obtain unique samples of the inhabitants of the underwater world.

 Modern tourists are still not completely clear how the native fishermen manage to throw far away an incomprehensible bundle, which later becomes a large circular network.  And after only a couple of minutes it turns out to get a good catch, filled with various living creatures.  Now it becomes clear why the majority had a strong desire to test such a network in their homeland.  Where are the casting networks sold?  Today they can be found in specialized online stores offering a wide range of high-quality products.

 To understand what a casting net is, you need to carefully read its principles of fishing.  Thus, the network is assembled on hand in a certain way (so that it can easily turn around in flight), after which it is horizontally thrown onto the water and covered with a certain water area that corresponds to the diameter of the product itself.  After lowering the enclosed part to the bottom, the net is pulled out of the cord attached to the base.  It is quite possible to catch fish without having to lower the tackle to the bottom, but in this case you will have to pick up the net, which has a slightly modified design.

 Many are interested in what is better: the casting network chain or sinkers.  According to reviews of seasoned fishermen, it is the chain that exceeds all their expectations.  It does not pass through the cells, and most importantly, it sets the shape during the cast.  What to choose: casting net fishing line or thread?  In this case, it all depends on the individual preferences of the fisherman and the conditions of fishing.

 What are the casting networks?

 To understand the difference between the American casting network and the Spanish one, it is necessary to get acquainted in detail with the features of these two types.  So, an American is called a rounded net, the outer edge of which is threaded with a capron cord with lead weights.  The circular center is equipped with a hole with an additional ring.  The outer circumference of the product will be connected via a stop to the central ring.  At the top of the foot is passed through the holes and fixed to the ring, which, in turn, is connected to the traction cord, designed for a complete casting and subsequent pulling of the fish.

 If we talk about the Spanish type of the casting network, it differs from the American one by some nuances, namely:

 · Stropny absence.

 · Fastening traction cord to the central network part.

 · The location of the weights at a certain distance from the network edges.

 If you do not know where to buy the casting network, it’s best to contact a specialized online store, whose staff will help you with choosing quality products.