Fishing nets: classification and equipment rules

  • Fishing nets: classification and equipment rules

Fishing nets - these are the most effective fishing gears with the help of which the fish are hooked. It consists of a network (one or more) with the same cell size. At the same time, special equipment is installed on this net-band - floats and weights, which provide a certain placement depth for fishing gear.

The most common type of fishing nets are fixed, which in turn are divided into:

· Single-walled;

· Three-walled.

The former are the easiest option. They are easier to install, but one net-strip makes this fishing gear highly specialized. Due to the same cell size, a single-walled net is able to fish only a certain size.

Tri-walled networks are more versatile. They consist of a piece - a central net-cloth, which is an analogue of a single-wall net, and a ryazh - a double net-cloth for catching large fish.

Fishing nets can be made of fishing line (monofilament), twisted fishing line and nylon. The first two options are more budget. They are very durable, but can damage the catch and also provide less perception. Threads from kapron are more expensive, however, the catch from them is greater, although they are contaminated faster, and therefore they serve a shorter time.

Equipment on the network can be installed either manually or by machine landing. The peculiarity of this landing is that it is seated on a cord twice a set.

Features of the choice of fishing net

Before buying a fishing net, you should definitely pay attention to several aspects of fishing that are relevant for any type of fishing:

· Time of day and time of year;

· Type of reservoir;

· Current strength;

· Object of fishing;

· The depth of the pond and the type of bottom and much more.

Given all the above factors, you can choose for yourself a fishing net with ideal characteristics.

Recently, the so-called “Finnish nets” have become popular fishing gear. Instead of the usual floats and sinkers, they use a floating and weighting cord. They are less tangled and easier to install. At the same time, they offer a long service life, and also do not stretch when used.

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