How to buy fishing nets

  • How to buy fishing nets

For centuries fishing nets have remained the most efficient and humane way of fishing. Any professional fisherman who wants to get the maximum catch (and profit, respectively) should use the network. However, the question always remains which network is best used.

Fishermen have a huge variety of beliefs. Some of them are completely untrue, but many factors affecting the amount of catch were accurately noticed by fishermen even before they were scientifically confirmed.

Fishing beliefs and choice of network

When choosing a network for fishing, you should definitely pay attention to a lot of factors and aspects that will invariably negatively affect the amount of catch, if ignored. Such factors include: type of reservoir, current strength, fishing time (both season and daily time), features of the subject of fishing, etc.

For example, many fishermen want to use a gray net, because in water it is less noticeable. However, most fish respond to movement, not color. In this case, it is necessary to note the transparency of water, the time of day, and especially the vision of each individual fish species. If you go fishing at night, then the net may be at least bright red.

Varieties of fishing net

It is obvious that the main difference between networks is their weaving. Basically, fishing nets are divided into two main varieties:

· Single-wall network;

· Three-walled (multi-walled network).

The first variety consists of uniformly sized cells. This indicator directly depends on the size of the fish being fished. Such nets are also called gill nets, because it is the gills that the fish clings to the fiber of this fishing gear. This process is called compilation.

Three-walled networks are also called "prostitutes." Such a fishing gear is much more difficult to install, so beginners should definitely practice before fishing. Such nets are more efficient, they consist of two types of net-band: a piece - an analogue of a single-wall net, and a ryeg - a double net-band for catching large-sized fish.

There are many fishing rules and beliefs that can significantly increase the amount of catch. To install a fishing net, you can use two boats or one, after attaching the net to a special post in the pond.