What is a cracker for and what to choose?

  • What is a cracker for and what to choose?

Most fishermen at least once in their lives, but tried to pull out the crayfish with a fishing rod.  These inhabitants of water bodies can grasp prey quite tightly, therefore, they are often pulled out of the water along with it.  If necessary, catch a variety of crayfish is recommended to use a device called shrimp.  This method is very effective and often meets the expectations of the fisherman.

 Creel: what is it?

 Many people are interested: how does the cracking work?  It operates on the principle of a trap and is lightweight, reliable, but it is very effective.  Often this kind of trap is created from metal hoops, covered with a grid of checkered type.  Mesh cells are equipped with minor holes that fulfill the task of catch.  Creel how to use?  Everything is very simple: after a few minutes, even a novice will understand how the device works.  By the way, it can be used additionally for catching small fish.  The trap has become very popular among fishermen, as it has a high catch compared to other devices.

 The above products are open and closed type.  What does open type shrimp look like?  We are talking about a metal band wrapped with a mesh, around the perimeter of which ropes are attached, connected to each other at a distance of half a meter from the base of the trap itself.  Additionally, the cord is attached, which is necessary for lowering the creel into the water.  It is important that the holding ropes have identical parameters - only then the device will not tilt to the side during use.

 How is the closed-type creel?  Immediately it is worth noting the following: such traps are very catchy.  Sometimes they are positioned as a night or crawfish houses.  Catching crayfish with closed models are considered more convenient, but the products themselves are more difficult in terms of production.  Often they are made foldable to make it much easier to transport.  The key advantage of such traps is the absence of the need for regular checks.  A couple of hours is enough to make a couple of checks.  And there is no great likelihood that the prey will eat the bait, after which it will simply run away (as it often happens with open models).

 In general, the choice of one type or another will determine how much a cracking costs, so this also needs to be taken into account.

 The specificity of the selection of shellfish

 To understand which shellfish is more efficient, you need to carefully read the rules for selecting traps:

 · Pick up material.  Such devices are made of nylon mesh and plastic line.  If you plan on catching adult crayfish, then it is better to make a choice in favor of polyethylene fishing line, and for the young with a soft shell, creel from a nylon mesh will do.

 · Determine the country of production.  Chinese products are far from the best quality, so it is recommended to buy domestic or European, American designs.

 · Understand what kind of shellfish is needed.  In this case, the amount of crayfish desired for fishing is taken into account.  Up to 10 crustaceans are placed in a round product with a diameter of approximately 40 centimeters per catch.  Long gadgets, 50 or more centimeters, can hold 80 or more inhabitants of reservoirs.

 · Decide on the amount of time that can be devoted to such an exercise.  Long products are made for long catches, and round ones mean quick hunting.

 Thus, in order to determine which cracking is better, one should carefully read the specifics of the trap itself, focus on some criteria, and only then make a purchase.

 How much is a creel in Ukraine?  The price depends on the parameters of the product, as well as on what the company was engaged in its production.