Differences between carp and carp

  • Differences between carp and carp

The main factor in the question of how carp differs from carp is that carp is a domesticated species of carp. At first, carp was very common in China, but over time it spread throughout Eurasia in the temperate zone, and after that it was brought to America.

The carp is still wild fish, so fishing for carp is very different from fishing for carp. Firstly, it occurs in the wild, while carp lives only in artificial reservoirs. However, the differences between the fishes do not end there.

As already mentioned, sazan began to domesticate in China. So the carp appeared. Whereas wild carp was more common in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Differences in appearance and appearance

Despite the resemblance, the scientist divided these fish into two separate species. In this case, the carp is considered to be the progenitor of carp. The latter is more used for industrial breeding. Carp is gaining meat very quickly. At the same time, he is quite comfortable in small reservoirs with stagnant water, which allows him to breed in relatively small ponds.

Sazan does not like completely stagnant water, so it is not so easy to breed it on an industrial scale.

In appearance, carp and common carp have a number of significant differences. It doesn’t matter if carp or carp is in your hands, it is almost impossible to confuse them. Especially if you put them next to each other.

The carp is larger and fleshy. Which is not surprising, because it is bred on an industrial scale. Another difference of carp is the possible complete or partial absence of scales. Carps cannot overcome a certain body length, however, they have practically no restrictions on weight and can continue to increase.

Carp has a more muscular body. Also, this species of fish is more elongated, which is quite obvious, given its wild lifestyle. The carp has to be faster and more muscular, so fishing for carp is significantly different from ordinary carp, which is much easier to catch.

If you are interested in what the carp eats in autumn, then this list of products includes: ordinary worm, moths, particles of fish (or small fish), maggots.

Common carp is a rather voracious fish, which can be caught, both on the plant and on the animal nozzle. It is best to catch carp on a variety of insects: the May bug, dragonfly, moth and many others.