Features of carp fishing

  • Features of carp fishing

Common carp is a powerful carp fish, which is a welcome prey for every fisherman. Unlike ordinary carp, which was successfully domesticated, carp remains wild fish. That is why when fishing on it you will encounter a worthy adversary who can wipe the nose of many experienced fishermen.

This type of fish is active if the water temperature exceeds 18 degrees. If the temperature drops below 10, then catching a carp is practically useless. It stray into large flocks at a depth and practically does not show any activity. Even food ceases to be a priority for carp. Therefore, the fisherman will not be able to lure him even the most seductive bait

Where to find carp

If you are interested in where the common carp lives, then it can be found in almost any large body of water in our country. They love ponds with a flat bottom and a depth of no more than 2 meters. That is why this type of fish prefers a wide river with a weak current or flowing lakes.

Pheasant prefers to eat in the thicket, so it is in such places that it should be sought.

Carp food

Before you organize fishing for this type of fish, you should find out what the common carp eats. And he loves products of both plant and animal origin. The carp is quite large in size, so it is not surprising that it also has a large appetite.

There is an opportunity to catch a carp on an artificial nozzle, however this is more an exception than a rule. It is better to use natural bait from the May bug, locusts, a variety of dragonflies or other insects. You can also use cereals and various berries, such as cherries, for fishing.

Spawning features

Many are interested in when carp is spawning. The breeding process in this species of fish begins when the water warms up to 22 degrees. This mainly happens around the middle of summer. The advantage of catching carp is that the spawning period may not coincide with the ban on fishing nets or jails. So you will have more choice among fishing gear.

Wild carp is a truly unique fish. If you are not interested in the catch, and you just prefer to compete with a worthy opponent, then carp will be a great option that will help you to really have a great time. The main thing is to prepare well for such fishing!