Features of carp fishing

  • Features of carp fishing

Crucian is probably the most common and famous fish in our latitudes. Individuals of this species of fish do not grow to really huge sizes, however, for people who are just starting their journey as a fisherman, fishing for crucian carp is the best option. In this case, even for her should be properly prepared.

Before going to a pond, one should definitely find out the answers to such questions: what does crucian fish peck on and when to catch crucian carp? Only in this way you can fully enjoy the process of fishing.

Crucian carp fishing time

Crucian carp is not a day fish. The best time to catch it is sunset and sunrise. In particularly hot seasons, crucian carp can also continue to bite until late at night. It was at this time that larger individuals became active, so there was a chance to get really huge trophies.

Rules for catching crucian carp

As for catching any other fish, you should be very carefully prepared for catching crucian carp. This is especially true for snap fishing rods, which should differ in such characteristics:

• fishing line 0.25-0.3 mm thick;

• leash - 0.15-0.2;

• hook number 4, 5 or 6;

• it is better to take a float light;

• a small sinker, with a distance of 3-4 cm from the hook.

Many do not know this, but crucian carp is very dependent on weather conditions. The slightest change and bite can finally disappear.

Bait and bait

Bait for catching crucian carp is best not to use. This fish is very capricious and can be limited only to bait products, after which completely ignore the bait. Bait can only be used in very small quantities in order to attract her attention.

It is best to catch crucian in spring. Really large individuals appear at this time. After the winter, they will be very hungry, so you have the opportunity to get a really big catch. As a bait at this time, it is best to take worms (dung or earth, it does not matter). That way you can really get the fish's attention.

The time from May to August is also an excellent time period for catching crucian carp. It is better to fish in the dark - before sunrise or after sunset. Indeed, it is then that there is a chance to catch a really large copy.

So you found out how best to catch crucian carp. Despite its distribution, crucian carp is a cautious fish, so it is better to adhere to the above tips.