How and what to catch a pike in the fall?

  • How and what to catch a pike in the fall?

Therefore, it is important to understand how to catch a pike in the fall, and what baits and gear are best suited for this.

Autumn Pike Search

First, we’ll talk about where to fish for pike in the fall. After all, the success of good fishing will depend, among other things, on the right place. In autumn, pikes move in search of a more sheltered place for wintering. Therefore, for fishing, you should find more overgrown and hidden from prying eyes places. Typically, fish gather in:

1. High thickets of reeds or pitchers.

2. Drowned trees or large branches.

3. Deep holes.

Autumn zhor at pikes

By pike zhora they mean an increased interest of fish in finding prey. Deer is associated with the accumulation of forces for a long winter. N begins with the first cooling of water, which in our latitudes falls at the end of September. In fact, the onset of the core depends on a number of reasons:

· Water temperature in the reservoir;

· Death of plants in water;

· Frequent precipitation;

· Change in the transparency of the reservoir.

What and what do pike catch in the fall?

What should be used for pike fishing in the autumn?

1. Spinning. It is considered the best equipment. For fishing on it, as a rule, artificial baits are used. It is recommended to catch a pike on a shorter spinning rod.

2. Float fishing rod. Ideal for fishing on live bait. The main thing to note is that the float should be 2 times the size of the bait.

3. Mugs. For autumn fishing, it can be drifting or stationary models that tie to reeds or a tree.

The main thing that interests fishermen who need a pike in the fall is what to fish for. As a bait, we recommend using:

1. Fishing for live bait. Make sure that the hook withstands the bait. Best fall pike pecking on carp, gudgeon or roach. Do not use ruffs - their needles can scare away fish.

2. Artificial bait. Used to catch pike on a spinning rod. Here, everything will depend on your preferences. Equally effective will be: baubles, baits made of silicone (which imitate worms or fish), jig, popper, wobbler.

In the fall, pike fishing is considered the most successful. The period of the autumn Dora in fish is accompanied by a constant search for prey. Use this opportunity to bring home an impressive catch.