Features of night fishing

  • Features of night fishing

If you are new to fishing and you are interested in whether it is possible to fish at night, then the answer to this question will be: "Yes." However, night fishing has a number of significant features that you should definitely consider if you really want to enjoy the process.

Night fishing is popular, because it is at this time of day that many species of fish begin the feeding period, which means that you can expect a fairly active bite.

The main features of night fishing include:

• A large number of predators. Most predatory fish prefer to hunt at night. Therefore, at this time of day you have a great chance to catch a trophy, which will not be available during day fishing.

• Activity of large instances. Night fish are large, while small fish prefer to be quiet. This means that the number of false bites will be significantly less.

• Awesome atmosphere. Agree that the silence of the night is a great incentive to be alone with your thoughts. And the confrontation with predatory fish will allow you to remember this night for a long time.

Organization of night fishing

First of all, the fisherman must take care of the availability of special gear for night fishing. The availability of other equipment that will facilitate the whole process will also be useful. That is why for night fishing you should have:

• night headlamp - with its help you can significantly increase the visibility of all surrounding objects;

• a place for sitting - to spend time with comfort;

• extractor - to facilitate removal of the hook;

• gear with special lighting, which will be especially visible at night.

If you are interested in whether crucian pecks at night, then no. This type of fish is more active at sunset and sunrise. And also in the afternoon in the absence of strong heat.

At night, you can count on a catch from: pike, zander, catfish, chub, ide, bream and perch. As you can see, the fish are medium and large sized, therefore, with the proper organization of night fishing, you can count on really rare representatives in the final catch.

Night fishing allows you to feel the unity with nature. Even if you are not interested in the catch, and you just release all the caught prey back, the opportunity to be alone with yourself or with close friends costs a lot. This is a great chance to clear the accumulated stress.