How and what to catch catfish?

  • How and what to catch catfish?

The largest scaleless inhabitant of reservoirs among fishermen can rightfully be considered a real trophy. If you managed to catch a catfish, you can be sure that fishing was a success. Of course, you should prepare in advance for catching such fish. Today we will share with you the main ways and little-known techniques for catching catfish.

Features of catching catfish

Before describing the basic techniques and main secrets, it is important to understand when it is better to catch catfish? The success of fishing is traced depending on the temperature of the reservoir - as soon as the temperature of the water rises, the catfish begins to peck. Therefore, it is best to go fishing for catfish in late spring, summer or early fall.

If the summer is very hot in the afternoon, the fish can swim only in the late afternoon.

Before winter, catfish tries to eat, so fishing can be more successful.

What and how to catch catfish

What equipment should be used to catch catfish?

1. Spinning. It is better to take a larger bait for this. Check how reliable the gear is. Experienced fishermen recommend taking with them inertialess or multiplier models. Hooks should also be as strong as possible.

2. Bottom tackle. Pay attention to models with short rods. Catfish catching is a rather lengthy process that can take several hours. Therefore, it is important to secure the gear and loosen the friction clutch.

What can you catch a catfish for? Experienced fishermen recommend using both artificial and natural bait as a thread. Here are some examples:

• oscillating baubles;

• jig bait;

• dung worms;

• creep out;

• leeches, etc.

Many experienced fishermen advise fishing on live bait. For this purpose, frogs, herring, pike, pikeperch, crayfish with a hard shell are perfect.

You can also add special products - a bite activator - it is able to lure fish.

Note that the size of the bait will depend on the size of the fish itself. The larger the individual you want to get, the more bait you have to sacrifice.

It is quite difficult to fish catfish - large fish should be weary before pulling it ashore. The fish shows the very first sign of fatigue when it tries to roll over onto its belly. Be patient and if the catfish peck, act carefully.

Knowing all these secrets and features, you can definitely catch the largest catfish!