How and what to fish in the Black Sea?

  • How and what to fish in the Black Sea?

The Black Sea is simply teeming with marine life. And any experienced fisherman knows this. Of course, it is much more productive to catch from a boat, however, having prepared correctly, you can get an excellent result even when fishing from the shore. Today we will figure out what kind of fish is caught in the Black Sea, as well as what features such fishing has.

Features of shore fishing

Often you can find the statement that fishing will be better if you sail away from the coast. And this is not surprising - few fish swim closer to the shore in the squeaks of profit, and especially large individuals do sit at a depth. However, there are some tricks on how to fish on the Black Sea from the shore, so that the result fully meets your expectations:

1. If you choose a donka, make sure that its length is more than 5 m. In this case, the weight of the sinker should be from 200 grams.

2. Fishing is best done with the surf. Particular activity of fish is noted in bad weather. This is due to the fact that in small winds and stormy weather, many small crayfish and mollusks, which are a natural bait for fish, are thrown to the shore.

3. Also, many species of fish are particularly active at night. In the dark, they often come ashore in small flocks.

4. If you are looking for a more extreme way of fishing, try fishing from the cliffs - many species swim there in search of prey.

Tackles and lures for fishing in the Black Sea

In the Black Sea there are more species of fish. Particularly active: mullet, horse mackerel, sprat, flounder, goby, tuna, mackerel, beluga, garfish, sea bass, eel, etc.

In the process of fishing, fishermen most often use:

1. Spinning. Universal equipment that is suitable for both small and large individuals.

2. Telescopic fishing rod. Most relevant for long casts.

3. A fishing rod for small fish.

What bait to fish in the Black Sea? Experienced fishermen are advised to use for these purposes:

1. Mussels. All fish living in the Black Sea will peck at them.

2. Small fish. Attracts larger predators.

3. Peeled shrimp. They are a favorite treat for crucians, beluga or bull.

4. Sea worms. They can be gathered right on the shore. On them peck individuals of different sizes.

5. Twisters. Most often used in winter.

As you can see, fishing in the Black Sea can be very productive. Choosing bait and equipment, you will get a good catch after the first fishing.