How to catch a tench

  • How to catch a tench

Catching tench, like other fish, is accompanied by careful preparation. In order for the catch to be as successful as possible, it is important to choose the right place and time, prepare the bait and stock up on the necessary equipment. Below we will talk about how to catch tench, and what you need for this.

Where to catch tench?

In order for the catch to be as successful as possible, you need to figure out where to catch the tench. To begin with, we note that tench is a fish that does not gather in large schools so that fishing becomes a rather difficult and often time-consuming process.

There is a tench in ponds, lakes or rivers. There he prefers to climb into backwaters and small bays with dense algae. Given low-flowing water in a pond, it is recommended to catch a tench from a boat - the farther from the coast, the greater the chances of finding fish.

There are also tench in backwaters and backwaters. This is because all the vegetation is washed out from there in the flood, after which new algae appear. They are the favorite delicacy of fish.

Tench fishing gear and bait

Note that the result will also depend on when to catch the tench. If we talk about the time of day, then the morning hours are most suitable - from 6 to 9 in the morning. In the afternoon, the fish is inactive, but by the evening the bite can resume. Day and night, the fish moves away from the coast, so you can catch it only from the boat. The tench fishing season usually starts in May and can last through August.

What is the best way to catch tench? As a rule, this is a fishing rod. It is best placed near the thickets to a depth of 2 m.

To guarantee a successful catch, fishermen throw a so-called bait. These are pieces of food that are thrown to the bottom in order to bring the fish closer to the fishing rod. Bread can be curd bread, worms, etc. It is best to throw it 2-3 days before the start of fishing. During this time, the fish will swim to the right place and get comfortable.

As bait, fishermen are most often used:

1. Worms.

2. Larvae of insects (mosquito, dragonflies, etc.).

3. Leeches.

Winning a tench is not so easy. He leans heavily and can jump off the hook. Therefore, it is important to be patient and carefully pull the fish out of the water. Please note that if the game was too stormy, other individuals are very scared and swim away. Therefore, for subsequent fishing, it is better to find another place.

In fact, both experienced fishermen and beginners can catch tench. The main thing here is to study the characteristics of the fish and choose the right place, time and tackle.