Rakolovki: types, features and principle of operation

  • Rakolovki: types, features and principle of operation

Many anglers do not deny themselves the pleasure of catching crayfish. Crayfish are strong enough inhabitants of water bodies, which with their claws can damage the tackle or even injure the fisherman himself during fishing. That is why special devices are used for catching crayfish - rakolovki. This is a trap that consists of a sturdy mesh stretched over metal hoops. Also in the design of the rakolovka there is a special handle or loop that allows you to quickly pull the device out of the water

Crayfish crayfish fishing has several advantages, which ensures the popularity of this device. It:

increased efficiency - cancers catch a really large number of cancers;

no need to constantly monitor traps;

the fisherman does not need to possess special skills, even a child can master the work with the device.

Now a trip to nature can be marked by another opportunity to try out the river delicacy.

Varieties of Cancer

Before moving on to the types of crayfish that are offered in stores, you should pay attention to one feature of catching crayfish. The fact is that in our country there are special rules for amateur fishing, which includes crayfish fishing. Therefore, there are permitted falcings in Ukraine. Their diameter should not exceed 70 centimeters. For one angler no more than 5 pieces are allowed. with Anastasia.

First of all, the fishes are different in shape. The most common are:




They take up very little space and do not require special skills in use. Their main feature is that cancers very easily get inside. However, arthropods can also be released in the same way, therefore, such elementary cancers should be checked every 10-20 minutes.

Accordion finings provide a more effective result. Their design consists of several hoops, which are covered with a strong mesh so that the crayfish could not cut them with a claw. Between each hoop there is an entrance through which the prey gets inside, but it is not able to get out. Such rakolovki provide greater efficiency. They can catch up to 80 crayfish at a time. However, they have their own technique of use, so such devices are more suitable for experienced fishermen.

Accordions are great for people who go fishing for a few days. During this time, you can check the raking 1-2 times.

The pyramid’s heads are also a net stretched over a frame made of metal rods in the shape of a pyramid. There is no grid at the top of the fixture. Through this entrance, the crabs fall into the trap. Since the angle of inclination of the mesh is oblique, arthropods cannot climb up the trap and get out. Pyramids are also easy to use as round or square rakolovki, however they provide much greater efficiency.

How to choose a rakolovka

If you decide to buy a rakolovka, then first of all pay attention to such parameters:

mesh material - crayfish cannot be injured on kapron, however large individuals can bite it, therefore it is better to choose models with a net from the fishing line

pay attention to the manufacturer - fishes from China are cheaper, but they are clearly inferior to Ukrainian counterparts;

buy rakolovka depending on the expected duration of fishing.

Remember that with the help of quality rakolovki you can enjoy the delicacies in nature in a really short time.