What gear will you need for fishing in winter?

  •  What gear will you need for fishing in winter?

Fans of fishing in the cold season are well aware of the importance of gear for winter fishing. Without such equipment, it is unlikely to succeed, therefore, before going to a pond, you must take care of the technical support and purchase all the necessary accessories.

List of Accessories

I would like to start this list with such a product as an ice pick. Its main task is to probe the ice, cutting holes. Songs can be exploited almost all winter. The handle of the instrument is made of wood, and the stitching part of metal has the form of a bayonet, a shovel, and peaks. Length no more than 1.7 meters, folding models are on sale.

The ice drill is necessary for fast and silent hole making on thick ice. Today, manufacturers offer several varieties of such products. They are auger, bayonet, ring. The most popular among them are screw, they allow you to drill holes of different diameters. In addition, drilled ice is thrown out with the help of an auger and the hole remains unpolluted.

Fishing rods and tackle are usually stored in the fisherman’s box; it is sometimes used as a seat-box. Equipped with solid foam, stainless steel, plywood, plastic. The inside of the lid is fitted under the rod socket.

Products for winter fishing cannot be presented without a scoop. This is an indispensable product that is used for convenient disposal of ice from the hole.

As for the feeder, it is better to opt for a metal construction with holes. Bait is placed inside, after which it sinks to the bottom. Sometimes the feeder is replaced with a paper scoop.

A hook is needed to insure fishing line when a large fish is being dragged. You can’t do without a hook in case of a small hole diameter. Its handle is either retractable or folding.

Accessories for winter fishing include a tube-shaped release ring. It is equipped with a slot for fishing line and an eye where a safety cord is threaded. When the trailer slides along the fishing line, its mass knocks the mormyshka out of gear. The safety cord is used to raise the trailer if necessary to re-strike.

Ice fishing tackle implies the need for a depth gauge and cannon (the latter contains live bait fish, fry for the inhabitants of the reservoir).

Winter fishing equipment is an important component of the fishing process in the winter season:

  • A knee pad is needed if knee fishing is required.
  • Knitted knit mittens are sewn to trousers - hands are heated in them.
  • One end of the towel is tucked into the shoe shaft - it is needed in order to wipe your hands from mucus.
  • The backpack stores spare clothing, matches, a flashlight, and so on.
  • Fishfinder - a product that tells where the fish is located, in what quantity. It serves to indicate the irregularities of the day.

Advantages and disadvantages of winter fishing

Winter fishing is characterized by both its advantages and disadvantages. Before going to a pond, you must definitely familiarize yourself with them and understand whether such a difficult task will be affordable. The advantages include the following:

  • The vast majority of pond points are available for fishing. And if you need to use a boat in summer, then in winter you can move on your feet.
  • Thanks to vertical winter fishing, tackle is better held and felt.
  • Fishing in winter allows experienced professionals to bring a solid catch to the house due to the increase in the area of ​​search for aquatic inhabitants.

Not without flaws:

  • Always maintain a high level of safety and comfort. In this case, you can’t do without a special suit, reliable shoes, and with long parking you will need a tent - all this must be taken with you. Freezing and poorly equipped fishermen are unlikely to want to fish again in the winter.
  • In the cold seasons, you will have to drill and move a lot. Not every fisherman likes this, but a good catch without active actions will certainly not work. Even 3-4 holes are unlikely to provide a good search area.
  • It is extremely difficult to find catchy places because of the ice crust hiding everything underneath. The color of water, driftwood, algae is not visible.
  • The behavior of fish changes dramatically. Some inhabitants of the water bodies begin to winter, do not show activity, but activity is observed in pike, roach, bream, crucian carp, perch, and pike perch.

Thus, winter fishing with confidence can be called a real test for any angler. However, if you choose the right equipment, you can count on an excellent result and get a lot of pleasure from the process itself.