What you need to know about the features of fishing nonsense?

  • What you need to know about the features of fishing nonsense?

Our organization for several years engaged in the sale of fishing fantasies for cancers of various designs and purposes. In the manufacture of each product clearly observed technology, and also used tested materials, which allows to obtain a product of high quality.

Features manufacturer

It should be noted that with the help of drag-net fishing is done by methods of uzivanie. To ensure its implementation, applied nodal Delhi on the wings of 25-30 mm in the bunt of 20-25 mm. it is Noteworthy that Bezuglova del may be operated to create shrimp dragnet.

Floats are imposed often, and the lower selection has a lot of weight. In this case it is 10% shorter than the top. Thanks to such design features when removing gear pruned fish are not trapped in the bunt.

When you create a used hard landing. Special thread commits to rebounding the cells of the leaf. To create floats used white Styrofoam. Their characteristic feature is the large size and lack of color.

The fact that the bright coloration wards off the fish, going in the opposite direction from the network. It is noteworthy that the design of the small dragnet may also enter a special circuit.

Such a dragnet for fish in use on the rivers. Thanks to chain fishing tackle better fits the irregularities of the bottom and allows you to catch more bottom fish. Another tackle acquires additional strength that allows you to safely pull it at the engagement, without fear of harm.

What determines the price?

We try to offer customers the best conditions for the acquisition of fishing fantasies, but their value depends on the following factors:

Varieties of designs. In our catalog of specialized products, in which you can effectively fish in lake, pond or quiet backwaters, and rivers with steep turns.

The length of the network fabric. Cooperating with us, you can order gear length from 6 m to 200 m depending on the wishes of the client and area of use.

Varieties of the thread used. For the manufacture of our products use a nylon net. She demonstrates a high resistance to wear and resistance to damage. In this case the damage to the integrity of the you can recover at home without using specialized equipment.

The ratio of the weight of sinkers and floats. This parameter depends directly on the efficiency of fishing gear.

The size of the cells. Their size depends on the size of fish that she plans to catch the customer. It is noteworthy that when it comes to catching minor production, then the fisherman will have enough cloths with a mesh size of from 5 to 14 mm. the Size of the cells directly influences the wet weight of the network.

More detailed information on the cost of the dragnet (reinforced), as well as the factors influencing its formation, it is possible to communicated with the managers.

Peculiarities of application and storage

Our consultants are familiar with the products sold. Through this customer can be provided with useful advice. Managers can tell the buyer about the features of dragnet fishing from the boat.

It is well known that the optimal time for use of the dragnet is winter or autumn. The fact that at this time in the water is no vegetation that can damage the equipment when removing. If you want to maximize the service life, it is necessary:

To carry out a thorough cleaning of nets after use with clean running water.

To organize the storage in limbo. Thus, you get to protect the product from rodents, which react to the pungent smell of fish.

To avoid drying the canvas in direct sunlight. The fact that their long-term impact with a high probability will desiccate the product and increase its vulnerability.

To buy dragnet from us, you can leave a request on the website or call the number on the main page. The customer may use the services of the shipping service.