Fishing casting net for boat and shore fishing

  • Fishing casting net for boat and shore fishing

Fishing casting network does not apply to illegal techniques, this device is not installed on a boat or stationary object, and thrown by hand. This activity more like sport fishing, reminiscent of the deft actions of fishermen in Asia and South America, where this instrument has spread around the world. The cost of the casting network is quite high and many fishermen prefer to make it yourself for your own needs and parameters.

How does casting the net

The principle of operation of simple devices. You need to collect the net on hand with the expectation that it was easy to deploy one release. When fishing is to scatter water in a horizontal direction, so that the network has covered the water sector, like the parachute (so often referred to as the device in use).

When "parachute" down, pull up to my cord at the foundations, along with the catch. Do not have to wait for the complete immersion of the leaf to the bottom.


All the casting network are divided into two groups: American and Spanish. Casting the casting network American type is much more convenient, it is easier to do with their hands. The Spanish version is preferred for fishing in hard to reach places with this gear, you can wield and complex bottomless mesh clings to all kinds of bottom barriers.

In the net-American the following elements:

  • A grid of machined tool for the softness and durability of a monofilament.
  • Cargo cord of two twisted cords made of polyethylene. These elements are joined under the parachute while pulling the mesh, creating a bag for the catch.
  • Carabiner to avoid constant twisting.
  • Horn-ring, where the upper part of the fixture.
  • Prozhiliny of monofilament fishing line.
  • Polyethylene cord used for casting the net to the water.

In the grid, the Spaniard missing the straps, a traction cord is attached to the center of the device, the weights are located at a distance from the edges. This model has gained in our country wide popularity, making casting the net with their hands, the fishermen usually construct the American version.

The production of their own hands

All the elements for the fabrication of devices with their own hands available in any specialized shop, and the work itself with the condition of strict adherence to the instructions will not take much time. While calculating the casting network, you need to consider the growth of a fisherman:

  • With the growth of up to 145 cm "nakidasu" with diameters more than 3 m almost impossible to use.
  • With the growth in average 170 cm comfort blade diameter 3-3.5 m.
  • At high growth — 175 cm and above, you can work with diameter 4 m and even more.
  • Consider how to weave casting the net American type.

Tools and materials

You'll need:

  • Monofilament prepared or independently connected network with a width equal to the selected radius of the parachute and a length equal to the selected diameter multiplied by 3.14. The grid cells are selected depending on the intended prey.
  • Cargo cord with a diameter of 4 mm the same length as the canvas.
  • 7-millimetrovie cord to pull.
  • Cylindrical lead weights weighing 20-35 g depending on the size of the network fabric. The number is chosen with the expectation of suspension of the weights at a distance of 10-12 cm from each other.
  • Fishing line progerin — diameter of 1 mm.
  • Plastic cylinder that will act as the Central ring.
  • Fishing line connecting wedges fabric and clinging to a cargo of cord.
  • Carbine.
  • Epoxy glue.

The process of making

Step by step process is:

  1. The fabric is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. The wedges are connected by a thin line in a circle.
  3. On the cord put on the weights, tie the ends and also fixed sinker.
  4. A cord with weights attached to the canvas on the outer edge.
  5. The hole in the center of the fixture is attached to a plastic cylinder or other ring.
  6. Progerin fishing line tied to the cord gruselle with an interval of 40 cm, is passed through the ring and joins the cord to pull the network. To avoid looping in this place, you can use the carbine.
  7. On the other side of the cord for stretching is done in a loop for convenient use on the hand.

Durable casting the net ready! Some fishermen practice fishing casting a net off the boat, but more often she can be seen in the hands of a man on the shore. It all depends on your preferences, opportunities, and fishing conditions.