What are the types of fishing nets?

  • What are the types of fishing nets?

Today, fishing is a very popular and widespread activity that attracts not only large companies that catch fish for subsequent sale but also ordinary people - for them, such an activity is a common hobby.  To ensure a great catch, the professional in the reserve must have high-quality and effective gear, among which fishing nets deserve special attention.

 Main types of fishing nets

 Single-wall products are the most common variety of networks, in the people, they are called gill.  These products weave from several types of network canvas, there are many models of single-wall networks.  They are distinguished by class, quality level, density and method of manufacture.  Their key feature is the possibility of application in any water bodies.  You can also select others:

 · Single wall model is cheaper than Finn and three wall products.  So, the fisherman saves about 30-40 percent.

 · Such a device is extremely floating, as it is equipped with a float cord.  That is why it is very practical in standing water bodies.  On the other hand, the same parameters are characteristic of the bottom net, but since it is equipped with a large number of sinkers, it has some advantages of fishing in depth.

 · Use of various types of sinkers.  There are lead, metal or in the form of cords with fixed weights.  At the same time, it is important that the sinkers correspond in the weight category.

 · The use of various materials during the production of the above network.  So, it is often equipped with nylon, capron or lavsan.  The most practical today are nylon nets, but the use of cotton will also bring a good catch.

 It is very important to know where to buy a fishing network because if you go to an unverified online store, you will greatly increase the likelihood of acquiring a low-quality product, which obviously cannot cope with its key tasks.  A great place to buy will be the company Sete Tackles - here we offer a solid assortment of various fishing nets and other goods.

 Three-wall type sturdy fishing nets are often used in the industrial field.  They include three network canvases, the middle one has the name of a particle, and the others are on the sides - they are called ryazhy.  This variety has its own advantages.  This is about:

 · Long operational life (when compared with single wall models).

 · Ability to give a big catch.

 · Reliable catch of the inhabitants of the reservoir.

 Not without its drawbacks, although they are not very many.  So, the fish harder to get out, these products have a solid weight, and their value is higher than other varieties.

 The sale of fishing nets in Ukraine is a quite a common activity.  In addition to single-wall and three-wall models, online shops also implement so-called Finnas, created using a special technology, which implies the use of high-strength monofilament type fishing line.  They are usually painted blue and have a metallic sheen.  Such forest nets are very popular among many, as they are not tangled, are tearproof, they are quick and easy to install.

 Finnish models with confidence can be attributed to the premium-class products since the base consists of the Japanese set-net.  Thanks to the most thoughtful production technology, the chance of difficulties arising during operation are completely leveled.  Indisputable advantages include:

 · High level of durability.

 · Easy to use.

 · Relatively lightweight.

 · Great catch.

 How to facilitate the installation and use of fishing nets?

 When it is cold and the waters are covered with ice, this is not a reason to end industrial fishing.  Fortunately, many manufacturers of gear and related devices have taken care of the design and implementation of equipment that allows you to install fishing nets directly under the ice.  These products are called rockets or torpedoes. The case of the device described above resembles a cylinder; its nose is narrowed conically.  It is created from both metal and plastic.  The internal part of the device is equipped with an electric motor and a compartment for batteries that are used for power.  The outer surface of the case is supplemented with wheels, the distinctive characteristic of which are pointed teeth at the edges.  This technical solution allows the device to catch on the ice.

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